The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Dannie

Last month Kath from Minuscule Moments reminded us that we should build on our dreams to create the life that we wish for. Because Kath is right—life truly is a gift. In my monthly series, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, marvelous humans from around the globe explain why life is so awe-inspiring to them.

Today I’m super excited to spotlight the fine words of a good friend in Florida, who has solid roots in Thailand, Mr. Dannie Hill. I can’t remember when I first started following Dannie’s blog, but I knew instantly that I connected with his depth and vulnerability. Dannie writes in such a beautiful way, showcasing the ups and downs of life with a strong spirit.

Recently I was blown away with one of his early works, In Search of a Soul, a unique and emotional adventure which follows a former Navy SEAL who hits rock bottom and sails off to find himself. I recommend Dannie all the way.

Even though he was humble to be offered a Life Enthusiast spot, I knew he would rock it out…and he did.

Connect with Dannie on Twitter. Get ’em, Dannie!

Britt asked me to be her Life Enthusiast for January and thankfully she gave me extra time to compose my thoughts.

Like so many of the others she has given this honor to I asked her and myself, “Who, me? Do you know what my life is like? Enthusiast…?”

And then I started to worry.

Could I write something real? I’m a fiction writer after all. I doubted of my ability to articulate real feelings. Next came purpose, doubt (again), and finally resolve.

For something that seems so innocent, my mind is finding it hard to wrap around the fact that I actually am happy about life.

Who knew?

Life has dealt me blows, shown me love, astounded me, and always made me wonder why. This little exercise has brought all that back to me.

Britt. I give you a tear and a smile for asking such a difficult task of me.

I’ve done things in my life. Lived many places in the States, spent time in Budapest, lived two years in the Marshall Islands, fought in a war, helped build a church in Brazil, met the love of my life who gave us three wonderful children.

I came close to death several times and lived in Thailand for ten years, which I think of as my second home.

Dannie, Julee and a Jackfruit

All of these happenings have given me an enthusiasm for the wonders of nature, the hard realities of life and, as of late, the compassion of humans.

I often wonder what is next, but know in my heart I will enjoy the next step.

My first thought about this post was I would write about my love of nature, the sea, the forest, the wild places and its myriad of life. But now after pondering for days I see life (enthusiastic) has much to do with people I’ve come to know and family.

I see myself as inadequate in interacting with people, but so many won’t give up on me.

I’m humbled at the actions of people I’ve come to know—many I’ve never met in person. Their enthusiasm feeds me and so in lies my Enthusiastic Life.

I would ask you all to take a few moments to open yourselves to the wonders of nature, to smile at people you pass on the street, to misplace the faults of your family (along with your own) and most importantly: Don’t find yourself being the one that always says, “I love you, too.”

Give and you will receive so much more in your enthusiastic life.

Try these simple, difficult, soothing, healing and important things and you too will feel some of my enthusiasm for life.

Britt. Thank you for putting this burden on me—the burden that turned into a blessing.

I know or know of all the great people you’ve selected before and it is an honor to be counted among them.

46 thoughts on “The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Dannie

  1. Two of my favorite people in the blogosphere here on one site; I am so happy that Dannie is spotlighted today on Britt’s site. Your writing, Dannie, is touching, as always. There’s a vulnerability and strength in each sentence. I’ve already reread this post twice and know I will return to it again in the future. “Give and you will receive so much more”- yes, yes, yes.

    1. Letizia. You do make me smile. You’re one of the people I consider a friend and have not met in person. Your blog is always an uplifting experience for me!

  2. Dannie I can see you have lived a very adventurous life and still find time for those who are important to you. I also have a passion for nature and people and I really enjoyed reading about your healthy enthusiasm for a life well lived. Thank you for brightening my day. Kath.

  3. What wonderful advice Dannie, to misplace others’ faults as well as our own. I am super enthusiastic about putting that in to practice. Good to get to know more about you!

  4. What an uplifting post! You have given us all a reason to see our world in a different light and to make a conscious effort to remember our past, but gain new perspectives on our future by realizing what we already have and the opportunities that are available to us.

  5. Beautiful post Dannie, thanks Britt for having Dannie on your blog, he’s a wonderful man.
    I love the pic of you and those fresh fishes Dannie. 🙂 Reading this made me know you more and I’m really happy you shared a part of your incredible life with us!

    1. Fishing is really my wife’s passion– as long as she is catching, ha! But it’s something we do together and have great fun. I just love being near or on the water. Thank you, Sandra.

    1. I’m a bit overwhelmed by the response of this post, but so happy it touched people in the way it was meant. Thank you! Misplacing faults is a trial and error thing– believe me.

  6. I don’t know what just happened but this post struck me right in the heart. Need to wink.. Such a profound and humble post.
    Thank you Dannie for sharing your story and showing us in such simple but touching words what it’s all about.
    And thank you Britt, hon for introducing this beautiful soul to us!

  7. Lovely to read your story Dannie. You’ve led an adventurous life but your enthusiasm comes down to the humblest of things. And I also love that quote about ‘love you too’, which says so much about trust and putting yourself out there.

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