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As a Freelance Writer and Content Strategist, I strive to help businesses reimagine their content strategy and revive their brand awareness. My credo? Personalization. Because there is one sure thing in marketing…a human on the other side.

Through education, engagement, and energy—we can make good things happen.

angela earl

“During the time I worked with Britt, I was a beneficiary of her enthusiasm for team-building and her persistent positive attitude. The same fervor can be seen in her pursuit of learning, her dedication to her team and her loyalty to the organization. She is one of those “glue that holds us together” kind of women and I was fortunate to have worked alongside her.”

Angela Earl

jen edwards

“Britt is extremely hard-working, determined, strong and made a huge impact on Response Capture’s position in our industry. During our time working together, she inspired me a great deal with her positive attitude and strong work ethic. Britt taught me best practices and strategy for managing content creation and social internally. She is an amazing co-worker and would make a positive contribution to any company with her expertise and personability.”

Jennifer Edwards