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Actively seeking a publisher for Virasana.

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This imaginative dystopian novel takes readers on a wild ride though the crumbling apartments and subways of a futuristic Portland to the lush forests and waterfalls of the surrounding area. While showing the resiliency of the human spirit, Virasana will leave readers breathless and cheering for love.”

Virasana is a dystopian novel set in a destructive time when love has been outlawed and one woman with a secret power to command nature must become the hero that saves Port City. Learn more >>

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The true story behind this book is as fascinating as the book itself—a vintage handbag, found by the author, containing baseball tickets from 1954, a voting receipt, and a shopping list. From these finds, Skrabanek has woven a wonderful story of the lives of four women.”

They were unladylike rebels, three young women abandoning rolling pins for baseball bats to join the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. They changed history and that changed them. After the league folds in 1954 Nola, Fran, and Evie meet by chance on a popcorn-scented summer day where it all began…Wrigley Field, Chicago. They team up once again to fight for a pivotal cause these dames can only win by uniting as one. Learn more >>

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The author took me from the oppressive heat of Texas to Fall in Prague. I could actually see the beautiful old city and the people that live there in her descriptive writing. I found the main character Jaye/Sigourney so delightful I was rooting for her through all her trials and troubles. The ending was perfect—just what I like in a book.”

In the heartland of oil money, Jaye Davis spends her whirlwind existence trapped in the battlefields of high fashion. After escaping a turbulent past and leaving everything behind, she struggles to find her place in the world. Because Jaye Davis isn’t her real name. She’s a player in the witness protection program leading a dual existence. Learn more >>

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I loved this book. Brilliant idea concerning time travel which otherwise always is handled badly by authors and filmmakers. Skrabanek, on the other hand, mastered it perfectly. I recommend this book to both women and men—and by men I mean real men who have the courage to enjoy strong, charismatic women.”

A modern-day woman torn by her illusive dreams awakens to a strange life in 1943, hurtled against the throes of destruction in wartime Berlin. Following a haphazard trail of clues, she discovers her new identity as Alina Feuer, code-named Sparrow, a famous entertainer seducing a high-ranking SS officer to gather vital information for the Allies. Learn more >>