havana writing

Crazy Enough to Write Fiction

In 2012 I self-published my first book, only because my husband Mr. H dared me to write a novel. That same year I started this beautifully ridiculous blog to have an open space to unleash my creative mind, which was confined in secrecy most of my life.

A clueless writer living each passing year with uncertainty, dreams and cheers pushed me to both create and finish—every sentence, chapter, and story. Thanks to my supportive community who truly believes writing isn’t dead, I’m still at it. I wouldn’t be here without these incredible champions who told me to keep going.

If you love to write and you’re writing, that’s what makes you a writer. And when you embrace the beautiful simplicity of it all, it feels awesome.”

I’m on the hunt for a publisher for my fourth book, Virasana. If you know someone, or you are that someone, I’d love to talk!

Crazy enough to run a bUsiness

I run Superneat Marketing with my business partner and husband—yes, miraculously we love working together. We’re all about creating content that connects people and inspires action. Be sure to check us out to learn more about our Superneat content marketing and SEO services.

I also handle quite a bit of freelance writing. You can see my rather sizable portfolio right here.

Crazy enough to Have Cats

I have two cats. Scratch that…our cats have two humans. Aphrodite and Hazel are famous for their yoga moves and disdain for editing. For the latest cat shenanigans, stop by my Instagram.