love your enthusiasm britt skrabanek


I’m a fiction author

I’ve self-published three novels: Nola Fran Evie, Everything’s Not Bigger, and Beneath the Satin Gloves. My latest novel, Virasana, is an urban fantasy novel that is yet to be published. I’ve experimented with various genres—the common thread is always a badass female protagonist.

I’m a content strategist

Which, oddly enough, means that I’m an artist masquerading as a businesswoman. Since 2017, I’ve been running Superneat Marketing with my husband. We both left our salaried jobs to run this business, with the goals of achieving more freedom in life, working when and how we wanted to, and spending more time together.

I’m a blogger

This blog launched in 2012 as a tactic for building my online presence as an unknown author. Blogging for eight years means you’ve earned your stripes and you’re considered a blogging unicorn. The Britt Blog, as I like to call it, is best described as a stream of consciousness, peppered with creative enthusiasm.

I’m a podcast host

Love Your Enthusiasm is my latest business venture and passion project. In this podcast, I interview creators, teachers, and explorers to find out what makes them tick and how they make space to pursue their greatest passions. If you dig this blog, then you will dig this podcast.