Everything’s Not Bigger

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In the heartland of oil money, Jaye Davis spends her whirlwind existence trapped in the battlefields of high fashion. After escaping a turbulent past and leaving everything behind, she struggles to find her place in the world. Because Jaye Davis isn’t her real name. She’s a player in the witness protection program leading a dual existence.

Once her fabricated identity is thrown into jeopardy, Jaye flees to the haunting allure of Prague, embarking on a solitary quest to find certainty in her uncertain world. Unearthing her roots in an important step toward self-discovery, she learns to return to who she really is.

everything's not bigger britt skrabanek

“Everything’s Not Bigger is not the stereotypical coming of age novel so often portrayed–it’s quite another thing and it’s absolutely marvelous. A young woman’s life is disastrously turned awry by her relationship with a meth addict. Skrabanek deftly weaves a spell over the reader as they follow Jaye’s seemingly superstar existence and begin to understand that something is indeed wrong…something only she can fix. An enthralling story and a joy to read.” – Readers’ Favorite

“Sigourney Dujka runs with a bad crowd in urban Arizona. As with too many young people, she is attracted by the excitement and becomes a part of city underlife and dependent on drugs and those that rob for it. She is offered an escape route—the unpalatable one of turning in her buddies in exchange for her freedom and full witness protection. It is one she takes.”  Read the full review >>  

“In her second book, Skrabanek takes us from the bubbly heat of Dallas to the resplendent colors of fall in Prague, following the self-discovery of another strong female character. Again, we are drawn in and completely smitten with the characters because everything is so well-described, strangely endearing, and passionate.”

“This novel is suspenseful, romantic, peppered with history, and salted with satirical social commentary.”

“I felt as if I was reading a personal story in someone’s journal and couldn’t stop. Falling in love with the heroine was easy, and putting down this book was not.”

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