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Virasana is an urban fantasy / speculative fiction novel set in a destructive time when love has been outlawed and one woman with a secret power to command nature must become the hero that saves Port City.

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Port City is left to suffer after the fallout from the Cascadian Revolution. Under the rule of a new oppressive regime, injustice prevails and love has been outlawed. The citizens desperately need a hero to take a stand. One woman with a secret power to command nature learns it is her destiny to become the hero that rises up against the Empire, to fight for love and save Port City. Her name is Virasana.

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Set in a time when love has been outlawed, Virasana is the ultimate love story. Fear and injustice rule the land. Heroes are desperately needed—but in a society like this, it’s much easier to blend in than to stand up. Reminiscent of The Hunger Games and The Handmaid’s Tale, Vi must rise up against oppression and fight for love.”

“It’s with no safety net that we follow a mysterious woman into an even more mysterious world, where the defeat of the Cascadian Revolution and rise of the Empire has forever changed the way Port City citizens live. There’s an immediate sense of kinship with Vi and her special gift, a longing for something unknown that speaks slowly in our ears. This unexpected dystopian novel disrupts our senses and leaves us wondering, ‘What if this really happens one day?’ Being a huge fan of Britt Skrabanek’s work since her debut novel, Beneath the Satin Gloves, I always dive into her books with high spirits and glee at the anticipation of what’s to come. Once more, she doesn’t disappoint.”

“This imaginative dystopian novel takes readers on a wild ride though the crumbling apartments and subways of a futuristic Portland to the lush forests and waterfalls of the surrounding area. While showing the resiliency of the human spirit, Virasana will leave readers breathless and cheering for love.”

“A great escape to a disturbingly possible dystopian future for Portland, Oregon that holds your attention with a balanced plot of romance and titillating action. If you are a resident of Portland you will get a thrill from the detailed transformation to a dystopia that Britt describes, from fallen bridges to the desolation of Powell’s bookstore. The story’s ending will you have surprised yet satisfied, and you will come out feeling stronger for reading it.”

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