biopic pronunciation

I Have a Confession to Make About Biopics

I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world this year, but there is one thing that really unraveled me. The pronunciation of the word biopic. I’ve been saying it incorrectly for centuries…okay…years…alright…decades (fuck, I’m getting old).

Biopics are my favorite films to watch, since I’ve always been a big fan of reading and writing historical fiction. There’s something magical about being whisked away to another time, learning about real events and the people who lived through them.

Apparently, there is a great debate about the pronunciation of this word. Is it BI-opic or BIO-pic?

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3 years running business

Celebrating 3 Years Without a Steady Paycheck

On August 31 I hit a pretty significant milestone as an entrepreneur…3 years without a steady paycheck. The last day of August in 2017 was my last day at my last salaried job. I’ve been self-employed ever since.

Like many celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, and miscellaneous special occasions in 2020, this milestone was completely overlooked because of the insanity of this year. I only noticed it when somebody else helped me notice it.

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living your best life

What the Hell Does Live Your Best Life Really Mean?

As I write this, 3,686,854 Instagram posts include #liveyourbestlife. We’ve exhausted a beautiful phrase so that it has lost its meaning. So, what the hell does “live your best life” really mean?

I say “really” because I would like to focus on the word “real.” Real life. Not the aspirational life splattered across social media channels, where we see:

  • The party, not the hangover.
  • The tropical destination, not the mosquito bites.
  • The catalog-worthy work-from-home space, not the job they hate doing.

During this introspective year, “live your best life” is a phrase I’ve been personally investigating. Here’s what I found out.

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nanowrimo podcasts

5 Writing Podcasts That Will Totally Inspire You During NaNoWriMo

One thing is for damn sure this year…art has not been canceled as long as we keep making it. We’ve all been living in a topsy-turvy world, but thankfully, we still have traditions to ground us and distract us. National Novel Writing Month, lovingly known as NaNoWriMo, is one of those traditions.

Although I am not participating in NaNoWriMo, I love seeing the fantastic creative energy sweeping through the writing community as writers gear up for NaNoWriMo 2020.

I applaud the writers out there who are moving forward with their NaNoWriMo plans. It seems like the stars never quite align for me to participate in this challenge in November…this year is no exception.

What I am here to offer NaNoWriMo participants today is five writing podcasts that will support and inspire you throughout this challenging month. I have been honored to interview several incredible writers on Love Your Enthusiasm, so I thought I would round-up all of the writing-focused podcasts in one place for you all to enjoy.

So, grab your headphones and curl up with one, several, or all of these wonderful episodes as you venture into NaNoWriMo. I hope you get plenty of takeaways, tips, and motivational nuggets to support your writing journey through November and beyond.

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living with imposter syndrome

Learning to Live with Imposter Syndrome

I was relieved when I discovered the term “imposter syndrome” later in life. Having a name for something I had battled growing up, and increasingly battled as an adult, made it less scary—less like the Bogeyman hiding under the bed or in the closet and more like a temper tantrum that would come and go.

It was so different from dealing with anxiety and depression. It was this strange push-and-pull, feeling the exhilaration of pushing to achieve something followed by the rug being pulled out from under me. 

There are countless articles about overcoming imposter syndrome. For those of us who deal with imposter syndrome, I’m not so sure it’s something that we can overcome. I think it’s something we learn to live with.

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