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The Serendipity of My New Podcast

I almost have a podcast to share with you, but it’s not remotely close to the podcast I planned to launch this year. In fact, I ended up tossing an entire business out the window when I realized I was never going to launch my travel wellness publication, Clove.

You may have heard me mention Clove Travel & Wellness a few times on the blog, or you may not remember it at all. Some of you might have written one of the 30 articles I had lined up for the publication’s launch, or you might have been one of the 13 guests I interviewed for the podcast.

Clove never saw the light of day because of COVID. As you can imagine, launching a travel wellness publication in the midst of a global pandemic was out of the question.

In March, I was ready to press “go.” I had a logo, a website, and tons of wonderful content from writing contributors and podcast guests. Over the next several weeks, I was in a holding pattern while I packed all of my shit to move across the country from Portland to Milwaukee.

While I stared out of the moving van window in the middle of nowhere North Dakota, I swallowed hard when I realized the bitter truth…Clove was never going to happen. All of the time, energy, and out-of-pocket costs were gone.

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