karen munna love your enthusiasm

Love Your Enthusiasm with Karen Munna

I imagine we all have a word that sums up 2020. I’m starting to think I have mine…serendipity.

It’s not a word I ever used before this year. Serendipity was the best way I could describe the happy accident of stumbling into my podcast, Love Your Enthusiasm, which I talked about in more detail here.

And, it’s the best way for me to describe my life moments with today’s podcast guest, Karen Munna…the owner of AHKí Retreat in Costa Rica.

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meena azzollini love your enthusiasm

Love Your Enthusiasm with Meena Azzollini

“It’s so important that we are grateful for the small things in our life. Don’t forget about the fact that you have a comfortable bed to sleep in. And when you wake up in the morning, your heart is beating and you know you’re alive, ready to face that day.”

This beautiful quote is just one of many Meena Azzollini shares on the latest episode of Love Your Enthusiasm. Meena and I share a lot in common—we are both full-time content marketers and we both love wellness.

I’d say that Meena takes wellness even a few steps further than I do. I learned many things from Meena in this episode, including the real meaning of mandalas and how to practice affirmations.

With affirmations, I’ve tried these in the past and felt like a complete jackass. I’m starting with an easy one that may make you giggle, but it’s working for me after a long day: I tell my bed that I’m grateful for it. Simple, but so damn true.

Most of all, I learned about the power of positive thoughts from Meena and how keeping positive vibrations flowing can get us through anything.

Highly recommend listening to this new episode of Love Your Enthusiasm if you need a positivity boost (I imagine we all need this right now). Meena Azzollini is truly a ray of light and she is such a joy to listen to.

And…this episode is just the right amount of woo-woo, so don’t let that stop you from listening. 🙂

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prepping for podcast

Looking for Podcast Guests for Love Your Enthusiasm

I am looking for new amazing podcast guests to be on my new show, Love Your Enthusiasm. Specifically, I am looking for amazing women, as women are still very underrepresented in the podcasting space.

Being that I share weekly episodes, I’ve learned that finding great guests is one of my biggest challenges. As I run another business full-time, I only have so much time to dedicate to guest outreach.

Which is where all of you come in, if you would like to help support the show by either participating or sharing your networks with me. If you are unfamiliar with Love Your Enthusiasm, I highly recommend listening to an episode or two before diving in.

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eden baylee love your enthusiasm

Love Your Enthusiasm with Eden Baylee

Determination is key when you’re a fiction author. Writing is pretty loveless and isolating—it’s just us against our vast imaginative worlds. Eden Baylee left a twenty-year banking career to become a full-time author, so she knows what it takes. She is dedicated and truthful…and she’s my guest on Love Your Enthusiasm today.

I could go on gushing about Eden forever. We’ve been blogging and writing friends for many, many years. What I’ve always loved about Eden is something I couldn’t describe before, until she came on the show.

When I asked Eden about her enthusiasm, she said: “Discovering Truth Through Fiction.” That would be our jumping-off point for the discussion. But, it also helped me figure out what I loved about Eden…her truthfulness—the raw beauty she possesses.

It hasn’t been easy to have intimate conversations with people over the past few months for Love Your Enthusiasm. All of us have been impacted by 2020 events. Creative people are still trying to love, create, and hope through all of this. Many of us lost our enthusiasm—we’re either hanging onto it for dear life or trying to win it back.

I’m thankful to guests like Eden, who agreed to be a part of this podcast during such insanely difficult times. To share positivity and inspiration, even if they had to search deep inside themselves to unearth these qualities, even if they had to literally push forward to speak into a mic.

Enjoy your time getting to know Eden—rediscovering whatever it is that makes you enthusiastic about life and discovering your own truth along the way.

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stephanie allen love your enthusiasm

Love Your Enthusiasm with Stephanie Allen

I’ve always been a champion for strong female characters. Which is why no matter which genre I toy with when I write fiction, the protagonist is consistently a badass woman.

Growing up, I lived with my dad. But, my mom and my sisters are all tremendous women I was lucky to have around. I’ve known many female friends and teachers who knew when to hug me and when to tell me to cut the shit. I’ve also known many women entrepreneurs and creative entrepreneurs who have continued to push forward and inspire others to do the same.

Stephanie Allen is on Love Your Enthusiasm today, talking about being a strong woman. She is a multi-faceted human being—a kickboxer, trainer, and a writer.

At the age of 23, Stephanie was in a horrific car accident. Walking was the only activity she could manage. Eventually, by focusing on simply putting one foot in front of the other, she recovered and became stronger physically and mentally from this experience.

On today’s show, she rehashes her recovery journey and what it took to be able to return to herself and her longtime love…kickboxing. Even though we explore some deep shit together, Stephanie is also a lot of fun. Be prepared to have some laughs and feel motivated to get off your ass to kick some ass.

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