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Hello, We are The Creative Introverts

Hello, we are The Creative Introverts. We wanted to take a moment to introduce ourselves because very often people think they know who we are, but they don’t. They think they have us all figured out, but they haven’t because we are very often misunderstood.

We are the artists who share our innermost feelings with the world. And yes, you’re right. It is damn strange that we share our innermost feelings with the world as introverts. But, we are also creatives.

Art becomes more impactful when others absorb it, interpret it, and feel it. We creative introverts have done the impossible, summoned the courage to share these innermost feelings—our art—with complete strangers.

We write, we dance, we sing, we act, we paint, we sculpt, we photograph, we film, we play, we cook, we build, we design. Although we make it look effortless, we vomit before we go on stage and cry in the dressing room after the performance.

So, why do we share our art with strangers? Wouldn’t our lives be simpler and more serene if we kept our creativity to ourselves? It would. But we feel compelled to share our art because we have something to say…and this is the best way for us to say it.

We found a way to express ourselves when no other avenue worked for us. When we try to fully express ourselves in everyday situations, we can’t quite pull it off. And so we rely on our creative outlets. In fact, they are a lifeline for all of us.

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