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Love Your Enthusiasm with Caitlin Trainor

“Think of this as a time for opportunity and invention.” What a concept when our world seems entirely upside down, when we can’t seem to find our footing no matter what we do. It’s the reason why I continue to pour my heart and energy into my podcast, Love Your Enthusiasm. And the reason why I share conversations from women who are still pushing forward and doing incredible things this year.

Caitlin Trainor is my guest on Love Your Enthusiasm this week. She is a dancer, creative entrepreneur, choreographer, and the founder of Dancio, a platform that offers on-demand ballet and contemporary classes.

There has been such a need for a platform like Dancio. When I discovered Dancio last year, I was searching for a way to supplement my once-a-week ballet class with a home class. (There wasn’t shit out there on YouTube, lemme tell ya.) Little did I know that March of 2020 would be my last ballet class for…what’s looking like…the rest of the year.

I’m so thankful to have a platform like Dancio right now—as are dancers in 50+ countries around the world who are also terrifying their pets by kicking and turning in kitchens, hallways, and living rooms.

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Caitlin is doing wonderful things for the dance community. She is vibrant, dedicated, and perhaps more of a potty-mouth than I am…who knew that person existed? If this is the time for opportunity and invention, looking to Caitlin for no-bullshit inspiration is a good place to start.

In this episode, Caitlin talks about her passion for changing the world through dance and movement. She covers everything from how she protects her creative enthusiasm to a time she came close to quitting, along with the importance of looking at the view but also looking at the rocks beneath you.

I hope you enjoy this awesome conversation with Caitlin.

episode 18 caitlin trainor

Changing the World Through Movement with Caitlin Trainor

Caitlin Trainor is the Founder of Dancio, a platform that offers on-demand ballet and contemporary dance classes. Caitlin believes movement is a way for us to achieve more embodied, self-aware lives and to understand the experiences of others.

In an increasingly materialistic world, Caitlin recognizes just how radical dance can be. Even through challenges in the dance space, the creative fire that dance has lit within Caitlin has always kept her going. She explores the future of video in dance, and how movement through video will be a key tool in making teaching, rehearsing, and conditioning more effective.

Although 2020 is an incredibly difficult time for dancers, Caitlin’s message is one of hope. We will always need dance—and we will keep coming back to it time and time again in whatever form we need to create.

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Through embodiment practices, we can be more self-aware and have a fuller experience of living. Dance amplifies a feeling of aliveness and being connected to others. Through dance, we share in a cultural exchange. If we share music, dance, and bodily practices, perhaps we’ll have greater empathy for our brothers and sisters.

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