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Love Your Enthusiasm with Ra Avis

“The blogging community went to prison with me. They went to my husband’s funeral with me. They physically showed up at my husband’s funeral so I wouldn’t have to be there alone—or with people that didn’t understand or didn’t know him. And when you have something like that in your life, that is a family.”

Because so many of you are engrained in the blogging community, it is highly likely that you already know today’s guest on Love Your Enthusiasm, Ra Avis of Rarasaur.

I’ve followed Ra’s blog for many, many years. Her writing has always been exquisite and electric—and to play off her name—every piece is beautifully and unapologetically raw. I was one of the people in the blogging community who was there in spirit as she went to prison, as she lost her husband of ten years just two months before her release.

Through blogging, we build indescribable connections with one other, even if we are never able to meet up in person for that coffee or that drink. What I appreciate about Ra is her openness about her life, how she shares her stories and experiences to help others understand their struggles and find a way to heal when everything is broken.

In this episode, Ra talks about how the practice of forgiveness has impacted her life, bringing in her perspective as a widow who was formerly incarcerated. Ra has lived through more than many of us will ever experience in our lifetime—or even begin to grasp—yet she continues to approach life with admirable vulnerability and an unstoppable belief in the power of community support and radical love.

Kick back and enjoy this deep, beautiful conversation with Ra.

episode 16 ra avis

The Beautiful Practice of Forgiveness with Ra Avis

Ra Avis is the blogger behind the award-winning blog Rarasaur, an author of three books, and a widow who was formerly incarcerated—the practice of forgiveness is an inextricable part of Ra’s life and all that she creates.

Ra Avis has lived through more than most of us will ever experience in our lifetimes. She talks about how prison allowed her to truly understand what it means to forgive and the interwoven nature of radical love and forgiveness. She also discusses her belief in the power of the collective and the integral supporting role the blogging community played in getting her through her time in prison.

Letting go requires practice, and it’s a skill that Ra believes we can all work on and strengthen over time. Ra’s story is a powerful example of what can happen when we let things go, accept ourselves with unconditional love, and find our freedom.

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Forgiveness is centered inside of you, just like love. In prison, you see all different versions of unforgivingness. And being a firefighter in prison, you understand the unforgiving nature of nature. Forgiveness occurs in the earth—just the way nature balances itself, you learn how to balance yourself. Forgiveness is just a wonderful thing…it feels like a superpower.

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