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Love Your Enthusiasm with Jane Leach

2020 is an inward journey for all of us. We are pausing and reflecting more, and we are spending more time at home. As a result, many of us are suddenly paying attention to the home life we neglected all those years when we were busy commuting and traveling.

We’ve started looking at our homes as the new epicenter of lives for working, relaxing, loving, cooking, exercising, and sleeping. Which is why, while other industries hang by a thread, home improvement is booming this year. And, why it was a highly relevant time for me to talk to the founder of iarchitect, Jane Leach, on Love Your Enthusiasm.

On the show, Jane shares how she uses her passion for eco-home architecture to help people live more intentionally and consciously, starting with our most important environment…our homes. In Jane’s words, “Everybody deserves to have a home that supports the best version of their life.”

Jane taught me that approximately 21% of architects are female, a stat that blew me away as I expected that number to be higher at this point. It’s great to see that Jane is doing something about it as one of the few female architects, ensuring women’s needs are better represented in their homes and that homeowners are making conscious decisions to protect the planet along the way.

Jane is such a lovely person. I hope you get tons of ideas and inspiration from this episode.

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Intentionally Redesign Your Home Life with Jane Leach

Jane Leach, eco-home architect and the Founder of iarchitect, is on a mission to make homes a reflection of who we are and a means of serving the planet.

Jane believes that taking a conscious approach to designing and creating homes allows homeowners to live more intentionally. Since female architects are still scarce in the industry, Jane’s mission is to ensure that women have their architectural needs heard and met. She discusses what it’s like being a woman in a male-dominated industry, her approach to time management, and the importance of having diverse voices in built environment professions.

As Jane highlights, architecture is about people. Human beings are inherently diverse and have unique experiences. The work Jane is doing goes a long way in capturing the beauty of this diversity.

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Architecture is all about people. Architecture is creating a shelter for people to do things, to live, to work, and to play. If you have a more diverse group of people who are procuring, designing, and delivering architecture, it’s going to better represent the diverse needs of all the people who are going to use those buildings.

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