The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Kath

Back in October Gallivanta of Silkannthreades showed us the beauty of resilience when times are tough, how a zest for life must remain with us no matter what. And, it helps to have some colorful, wooly sheep around to makes us smile. In my monthly series, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, incredible humans from all over the world explain why life is so extraordinary to them.

Last month the series reached a bit of a milestone. Suddenly I stopped and realized The Life Enthusiast Chronicles had turned one-years-old. In case you missed the celebratory video, press play…

So, a new year of life enthusiasm begins on this blog and I’m ecstatic that this sweet Aussie I know, Kath Unsworth of Minuscule Moments, is here to kick it off. This girl is one of my faves. As you can tell by the title of her blog, Kath is all about lovin’ life. Not only does she write beautifully, she creates lovely illustrations as well. If I ever need a pick-me-up, I know that Kath will deliver the right amount of positivity without fail.

Connect with Kath on Twitter. Go for it, Kath!


Kath Unsworth

I want to thank Britt for sharing her writing space with me and the many other inspiring people she has showcased on her site.

Life is a gift. Be grateful for the Minuscule Moments. Wonderful things can happen when you do.

At the start of this year I had no idea I would be selling my art in a gallery. To think that my passion for nature sent me on a career path I never thought possible.

True, although when I think back, that is all I wanted to do as a child.

What happens? We lose our way. The child grows up and forgets about those silly dreams. Thankfully for me I found that little dream again, she was hovering in the dark corners of my crowded mind. Hoping one day I would save her and bring her into the sunshine.

The signs were always there but I did not listen to my creative self.

Lucky the skill of observation brought me back home.

The child long ago collected moments. She tossed them around in her sweet little head. 

A daddy-long-legs spinning its web in the corner of a room. Watching in awe I wondered if the spider ever talked to its lunch? I almost felt sorry for the fly. In the garden I played in mud puddles, floating leaves like boats across a pond. Many times I saved a drowning ant or bee and all was right in my world.

Get the picture? Yep I am a daydreamer. If I’m staring in your direction I am usually imagining your story, or a magical one in its place.

I guess you know already (if you have seen any of my art) I am most passionate about nature. Visually, I am stunned by it every day. Physically I am still a bit of a weakling when I meet snakes and venomous spiders. But we all have our place in this world. When I moved from the suburbs to the countryside, something magical happened.

One day a friend said to me when we were halfway through a conversation…“Kath, you really notice the little things don’t you?”

I did not answer at first, I was somewhere else, high above in the clouds, following a beautiful sea eagle and wondering how I could get a photo to sketch it.

It was a little later when thinking of this conversation, I realised I must share my passion for the minuscule moments. My blog space was born. Along the way I have learned to share my art and dreams too.

When I first met my husband we would go on long bush walks. The reason I fell in love with him was his passion for nature.

He would point out the flowers and name them. He reminded me often how good the birds and bees were for the garden, he does this with our children now. My man has an uncanny skill of capturing the minuscule moments with his camera. His photography inspires me to sketch.

What magic happens when we connect with like-minded souls and from my passion for nature, came my art.

We all need to find those kinds of people. The ones who inspire our dreams and help us to see that there is only now to start creating. Forcing us to step into the light and design the thing we dream most of.

If it wasn’t for the amazing community here, my husband and families support, I would never have shared my art. Now that I have shared, I am ready to learn more and take on my next challenge (picture books).

Life is too short. I hope you are building on those dreams, connecting with the people who inspire you and yes, creating the life that you wish for.

As Britt states, it is a privilege to be alive.

Live life with joy in your heart and always celebrate the minuscule moments of sunlight gifted to you. Shine on.

kath unsworth bee sketch
Bee Sketch by Kath


37 thoughts on “The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Kath

  1. Wonderful insight into an artist/blogger that I admire. We do have to notice and savor those little moments. When we do, as Kath does, they might lead us to greater moments that we will enjoy even more. Keep up the good work, Kath.

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