The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Gallivanta

Last month Andrea Stephenson of Harvesting Hecate revealed how crucial it is to remain curious in life, to explore every piece of the world, inside and out. In my monthly series, The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, beautiful beings from all over the world explain why life is so awesome to them.

This month I’m overjoyed to bring you guys Gallivanta from Silkannthreades all the way from New Zealand. Gallivanta’s blog is always playful, positive, intelligent, and inspiring. Even simple photos from her garden seem to awaken something special in all of her readers, including yours truly. Her youthful zeal shines through her words and I always leave her blog smiling big. 

To show you all one example of what a lively woman she is, back at the end of July Gallivanta sent me on a totem pole quest in Portland. Yep, a totem pole quest. I’ll write about my discovery next week, so stay tuned!

On a side note, I feel pretty darn special after working with her on this project, because unlike so many of you out there, I know her real name. (Don’t worry, Gallivanta…your secret’s safe with me.)

Delight us, Gallivanta…

 Hello. Kia Ora. 🙂

Sheep in the Square
Sheep in the Square

 So pleased to meet you.

Only woolly threads here.
Only woolly threads here.

I am Gallivanta of Silkannthreades, and I am feeling rather sheepish about being here, as a guest on the Life Enthusiast Chronicles.

Because I am not so much an enthusiast, as an observer who quietly enjoys watching the world go by, and wondering what it all means…

What do you think of the new view?
What do you think of the new view?

 …and how it all knits together, or doesn’t.

The yarn unravels
The yarn unravels

Don’t get me wrong. I love life, but in a contented, sipping cocoa, knitting granny’s bed socks by the fire, sort of way. It’s my natural inclination but, really, these days I haven’t much energy for anything else.

You see a lot has unravelled since our city was hit by the big earthquake on 4 September, 2010. And, as if that weren’t bad enough most people then had the stuffing knocked out of them for a while, when the deadly 2011 earthquake erupted underneath us with the force of 15,000 tonnes of TNT.

It takes some time to stand up again after a blast like that. And when you do arise, you alternate between exhaustion and bone-weary exhaustion. Enthusiasm becomes subdued, takes a back seat for most folk, but it is definitely still there.

Every now and then, it pops up somewhere to remind us of its presence and to allow us an exuberant whoop of pure, silly joy. 

Did we surprise you?
Did we surprise you?

And to forget for a moment that, behind today, are the days that changed our lives, and continue to change them.

The Dark Days
The Dark Days

Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, for without the shake-up of the quakes I wouldn’t have started my blog; I wouldn’t have met the ultimate life enthusiast, Britt, and so many other wonderful, positive bloggers, happy to come along for the ride, as I bleat about the small joys and little woes of my ordinary life.

That’s something to think about, eh?

Oh, and here’s another thought. What’s with this using woolly threads in my post? They are not silk, as in Silkannthreades!

Well, since we don’t have much silk in New Zealand, wool has to be my visual substitute. And, some New Zealand wool, let it be known, is every bit as fine as silk. 🙂

Not bad, eh? What do EWE say?
Not bad, eh? What do EWE say?

Thanks so much for having me, and, just so you know I am not really a woolly sheep.

Here are some of my favourite photos from my blog.

The first one is me, as a little one growing up in Fiji. The last photo is me, growing older, in Christchurch, and the middle drawing is how a lovely blogger friend sees the little girl who continues on, in me, despite the woe of recent years.

Looking forward; Gallivanta circa 1958-59
Looking forward; Gallivanta circa 1958-59
and healing
and healing
Power of the flower
Power of the flower

And, finally, a last little stitch to hold together all the threads of this post……

The poetic theme of my blog

Man was made for joy and woe;
And when this we rightly know,
Thro’ the world we safely go.

Joy and woe are woven fine,
A clothing for the soul divine.
Under every grief and pine
Runs a joy with silken twine.

William Blake (Auguries of Innocence)

© silkannthreades

77 thoughts on “The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Gallivanta

  1. I never saw this Ann till browsing on my phone I came upon Brit’s current post and followed it back to you. I’m in Poland still and being fed to the limit and beyond. My waistline thinks it nearly time to quit cake and go home. Sending hugs xx

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