The Life Enthusiast Chronicles

The Life Enthusiast Chronicles is a monthly series where awesome humans from all over the world reveal what makes them excited about life.

Whether it’s travel, nature, animals, family, creativity—or simply everything—each Life Enthusiast encourages us to pause and reflect on why it is a privilege to be alive.

Get uplifted by checking out what previous Life Enthusiasts had to say…

Season 1 | Season 2 | Season 3

hiking in the woods

Life Enthusiasts | Season 1

“The world is a cornucopia of beauty. Every single thing has purpose and sometimes it stops me in my tracks when I remember how amazing it is.” – Andrea

hiking san juan islands

Life Enthusiasts | Season 2

“I think it’s really important never to lose sight of the child in you, and to continue enjoying the things that made you happy in that innocent phase of your life.” – Zen

meadow hike

Life Enthusiasts | Season 3

“Travel is about discovery and escape from the mundane. The disruption and then restoration of routine—all with the idea that we somehow come back better, the richer for it.” – Victoria

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