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Just One More Thing Before This Epic Year Ends

I don’t know about you, but I rolled up into 2020 with a swagger and a smile, thinking…this is going to be an epic year. Back then my definition of “epic” was filled with nothing but good intentions. You could even call it childlike giddiness and innocence.

I never knew I would move away from Portland without having a chance to say goodbye to a single soul after living there for six years.

I felt like I was skipping town after botching a bank robbery. Except that when I skipped town, the world was cloaked in silence and isolation. We drove through snowy mountain passes, spotless highways, and empty hotel parking lots in a moving van…just us and the cats in a strange new world.

bozeman snow on the road

I never knew I would learn how to do ballet with a mask. But here I am, pirouettes and all. Before 2020 I would have thought I was about to be robbed on the sidewalk when a masked hooded person approached me. Now harmless people are picking up dog poop, looking like assassins, ninjas, and gangsters.

I never know I would become closer than ever to my home and to my husband. But, that happened too.

During this last week of the year, I look back and see that the year was certainly epic. We throw the word “epic” around here in the States as slang because we needed another way to say “that’s amazing” or “that’s cool.”

Today, for shits and giggles, I looked up the definition of the word. I slowly raised my coffee mug and said “cheers” to my computer screen.

Epic has several interesting definitions:

  • Noting or pertaining to a long poetic composition, usually centered upon a hero, in which a series of great achievements or events is narrated in elevated style.
  • A long film, book, or other work portraying heroic deeds and adventures or covering an extended period of time.
  • A long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation.
  • Surpassing the usual or ordinary, particularly in scope or size.
  • Heroic; majestic; impressively great.

How often do we use a word and actually think about its meaning? “Epic” deserves some attention right about now, I’d say.

As we look back on this year, there is so much to observe and absorb. It’s worth taking some time to celebrate this long journey and the heroic moments that took place. Because it was absolutely an epic year.

Wait, one more thing…

attitude sunset

Top 10 Britt Blogs of 2020

This year I recommitted love and energy to the Britt blog, publishing more consistently than I have since my early years of blogging from 2012-2016. To wrap up and celebrate this epic year, below are the most popular blogs I published in 2020.

Technically #1 released in December 2019, but I included this blog in the 2020 list as it has far and away been the most popular blog I’ve ever written with 7,000 views to date.

1. 6 Months Without Alcohol and Life is Beautiful

2. Why I Left Portland and Moved Back to Milwaukee

3. How to Keep Your Marriage Healthy During Quarantine

4. What to Expect When You Have to Move During the Coronavirus

5. Is it Time to Take a Break From Alcohol?

6. A COVID-19 Tale of Three Women on a Quest for Food

7. Learning to Live with Imposter Syndrome

8. What the Hell Does Live Your Best Life Really Mean?

9. 8 Ways to Practice Mindfulness in Quarantine

10. Change Your Life Direction in 3 Difficult Steps

Another thing…

podcast britt skrabanek

Top 5 Love Your Enthusiasm Podcasts of 2020

As I’m sure most of you know, this year I launched a podcast, Love Your Enthusiasm. I had intended to launch a completely different business in 2020 called Clove Travel & Wellness, but that business obviously folded due to COVID.

In its place, I reimagined a popular guest series I ran on this blog for several years called The Life Enthusiast Chronicles and created a podcast as a spin-off.

Here are the top five episodes from this epic year…#5 is a tie at the moment with the exact number of downloads. I included both episodes as they are both fabulous.

1. The Beautiful Practice of Forgiveness with Ra Avis

2. Making Poetry More Accessible with Katrina Naomi

3. How to Take A Break from Alcohol (Solo Show)

4. Choosing Empowerment Over Fear with Angela Ortiz

5. Sharing the Beauty of Sharks with Mareike Dornhege and Live Your Best Life Authentically with Alison Armstrong

Okay, last thing…

love your enthusiasm 2020 gains

As you are reflecting on your own epic and heroic journey during this final week of the year, I invite you to check out this special end-of-the-year solo show, What to Take with You From 2020.

I couldn’t bring myself to record a fun holiday episode to close out the year for Love Your Enthusiasm. It seemed much more relevant to take a long look back at the year before leaping ahead into 2021.

In this episode, I help you use your 2020 journey as a foundation for meaningful and positive change, including prompts to help you identify your gains from this year and important reminders to pay respects to your losses as well.

Listen Now

I lied. Just one more thing…

dancing by the lake

Thank you all for being by my side this year. Your support of my work on the blog and the podcast are very much appreciated. Your visits, likes, comments, downloads, and shares truly do matter and make me smile.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Wishing you all an epic 2021.

14 thoughts on “Just One More Thing Before This Epic Year Ends

  1. Epic no doubt is the word for it. What a year. When we left for India in February we never imagined we’d be scrambling for a way home in March.
    Over the moon to be included in both lists!
    Thank you to you too – for your big heart and wise voice. I’m so glad we connected.
    May 2021 be all you could wish for.

    1. Yes, you are included in both of my top 2020 lists, Alison! Another small ray of sunshine to add to your epic 2020.

      I’m so glad Jess introduced us to each other. It’s like she knew… 🙂

  2. It’s been an epic year indeed, but as someone who was feeling pretty terrible at the very beginning of the year with panic attacks it’s been a year of improvement for me, so definitely not all bad!

    1. I’m glad 2020 was a year of improvement for you, Andrea. Honestly…it was for me as well. I was able to ride the 2020 waves somewhat skillfully because I was winning at so much inner work. Made everything else easier to handle.

  3. You’ve been the perfect example of an epic human being, Britt! Keep going, beauty. Your energy is wonderfully contagious, and I hope it lifts up everyone who crosses your path.

    Wishing you continued success in 2021, xo

    1. Ah, shucks! You are an epic and beautiful human being, Eden. Thank you for all of your support with Love Your Enthusiasm this year, including your many retweets…which I noticed and cherished. xo

  4. With you on that one again, Britt.
    In spite of everything we’ve been through this year, I can’t look at it with a negative impression and I don’t want to.
    I have learned and become even though not in the way I thought I would but hey, life is unexpected at all times, and that’s why we like it ! 😉

    May 2021 be epic in the way that suits everyone of us in the best way possible !

    1. Julie, you have been such a joy for me to continue connecting with this year because of your positive spirit that just kept shining through it all. You were one of the few people I could turn to when I needed to see that hope was still alive.

      Life is unexpected…2020 was very unexpected but it wasn’t the worst. Onward we go into a beautiful new year with many unexpected things that await us. xo

      1. I’m happy to be for you what you are for me ! A ray of sunshine !
        Even though it seems like I’ve done much less than I’m used to, I’m glad I got the opportunity to do them at all and I will try to do even better this year 😉

        Let’s make life beautiful, darling !

  5. Only you could turn 2020 into something ‘epic’, such a positive-sounding word Britt. I just listened to your latest episode. I must congratulate you on how you’ve quickly become such an expert broadcaster – the sound and quality is excellent and your speaking voice authoritative, calm and persuasive. I’m sure that you’re building a steady and loyal following.

    I’m optimistic about 2021 because I see that the world has overcome far worse plagues – far more deadly with little medical recourse – and has bounced back stronger. Modern communication and social media has had the effect of frightening and depressing us way beyond what threat actually consists of, though clearly there are a percentage who have suffered, which is sad.

    Good luck for 2021 Britt, I’m sure your positivity will prevail, positivity generally does.

    1. Epic was the best I could come up with. I think it works! 🙂

      Thank you so much for listening to Love Your Enthusiasm…and for the compliments. I have been working my freaking ass off, so I really appreciate hearing that, Roy. Truly.

      Like you, I turn to history. I thought about WWII many times in 2020 and history gave me strength.

      Although I obviously haven’t lived through a war like that, I know that people thought the world was ending, that life was difficult and destructive. But, people kept going and came together to pull through. How is that so different from now?

      Don’t get me started on social media’s role in all of this. Really, the age of information is a gift and a curse. We get information at the speed of light and it’s a lot to absorb. Then, there are those who are manipulating and steering that information to spread fear instead of positivity.

      We will see what 2021 has in store for us. I’m glad I have “my people” (like you, Roy) to help me get through it all. Happy new year.

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