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Love Your Enthusiasm with Karen Munna

I imagine we all have a word that sums up 2020. I’m starting to think I have mine…serendipity.

It’s not a word I ever used before this year. Serendipity was the best way I could describe the happy accident of stumbling into my podcast, Love Your Enthusiasm, which I talked about in more detail here.

And, it’s the best way for me to describe my life moments with today’s podcast guest, Karen Munna…the owner of AHKí Retreat in Costa Rica.

Some of you may remember that time I went on a yoga teacher retreat in Costa Rica back in January 2017. This was right after the 2016 election, mind you. Needing an escape was an understatement.

I was also in a very transitional phase, absolutely confused about where I was heading in my life. But, I was actually on the cusp of starting my business, Superneat Marketing, which I have now been running for 3½ years with my husband, Mr. H.

That was the first time I met Karen at her magical retreat in the thick jungles of beautiful Costa Rica. Going to a yoga teacher retreat was a longtime dream of mine and that year I quite literally said “fuck it,” charged the plane tickets, and made it happen.

I only talked to Karen a few times, but every time, something seemed to unlock inside of me. My week at AHKí Retreat was the exact soul-searching I needed. Mr. H and I started our business together three weeks later.

Here I am crossing paths with Karen again during another transitional time in my life. It’s 2020, which needs no introduction. Another insane election year is taking its toll on all of us, mentally and spiritually. Through the chaos, I started my new business, the Love Your Enthusiasm podcast.

On the show, Karen discusses how to follow your truth and that “we’re here for the process, not the product.” She is well-equipped to offer this inner guidance. This episode is the antidote we all need to find more understanding and direction this year. Please enjoy…

karen munna episode 11

How To Follow Your Truth with Karen Munna

Owner, Founder, and Custodian of AHKí Retreat in Costa Rica, Karen Munna is dedicated to helping and inspiring others to follow their truth.

Karen followed the signs that showed her AHKí was a space people needed. It’s not that she chose the path, but rather that she was open to letting the path choose her. She reflects on the collective healing journey we are all on together during the pandemic, how the old paradigm was no longer serving us, and why this moment of pause has created a space for deep reflection and heightened awareness.

The journey of self-inquiry is just that…a journey, not a destination. Which is why it is essential to be kind to yourself every step of the way. By having faith that you are where you need to be, you will receive everything you need to follow your ultimate truth.

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If you can imagine the wheel, we are part of the eternal unfolding…it’s who we are. In the most basic sense, it’s what we are. Every creation begins with a thought and every thought is born from a deeper, divine self that resides within each and every one of us.

Photo Credit: Bobbie Harte

podcast prep

Recently I announced that I was looking for new guests to be on Love Your Enthusiasm. I had such a great response and I am thankful to everyone who reached out or helped spread the word on social.

I would love to get more guests lined up. Maybe that’s you? Maybe that’s someone you know? Here are the steps you need to take…

Thank you all for supporting the show. I’ve got a regular ole Britt blog in the works for later this week. And, if you missed this blog I released a couple of weeks ago…Reflections After Mating Dragonflies Crashed Into My Face…please enjoy!

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