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The Serendipity of My New Podcast

I almost have a podcast to share with you, but it’s not remotely close to the podcast I planned to launch this year. In fact, I ended up tossing an entire business out the window when I realized I was never going to launch my travel wellness publication, Clove.

You may have heard me mention Clove Travel & Wellness a few times on the blog, or you may not remember it at all. Some of you might have written one of the 30 articles I had lined up for the publication’s launch, or you might have been one of the 13 guests I interviewed for the podcast.

Clove never saw the light of day because of COVID. As you can imagine, launching a travel wellness publication in the midst of a global pandemic was out of the question.

In March, I was ready to press “go.” I had a logo, a website, and tons of wonderful content from writing contributors and podcast guests. Over the next several weeks, I was in a holding pattern while I packed all of my shit to move across the country from Portland to Milwaukee.

While I stared out of the moving van window in the middle of nowhere North Dakota, I swallowed hard when I realized the bitter truth…Clove was never going to happen. All of the time, energy, and out-of-pocket costs were gone.

clove travel and wellness website

I could wait it out, though…right?

Hell yeah I could wait it out…forever.

When will we travel freely again? Will we ever travel freely again?

Not to mention, the strong wellness themes of the publication made me squirm. Would I dare to share carefree content about staying healthy while traveling after all of this? No thanks.

As I unloaded all of my shit into my new Milwaukee apartment, I journeyed through the emotional rollercoaster of COVID like everybody else.

The big move certainly amplified that emotional journey for me. However, my true Everest was mourning the loss of something that was never born, a business I worked on nonstop for six months straight only to see it disintegrate.

Then, what? I dried my eyes and said…

love your enthusiasm britt skrabanek

…Fuck it. I’ll do something else. Something that really matters, something that brings positivity into a world that so badly needs more positivity.

And, that’s how my new podcast Love Your Enthusiasm got started. But, that’s not the serendipitous part. It turns out that this podcast was there all along, just waiting for me to get off my ass.

Love Your Enthusiasm is a spin-off from The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, which was a popular guest series I ran on this blog from 2013-2016. In The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, beautiful people from all over the world wrote about the one thing that made them enthusiastic about life.

I always wanted to do something more with The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, but I never knew what. Years flew by—life enthusiasm came and went.

I finished my fourth novel, Virasana, and tried to get it traditionally published. Over 100 emails later, I’ve got nothing, except a collection of impersonal automated rejection letters. I also focused on professional growth and became a content marketer. Along the way, I started Superneat Marketing and sorta kept this blog afloat.

In the back of my head, there was this relentless voice that asked me point-blank: What’s next? And, whatever it is, it better be good…and damn meaningful.

I thought that good and meaningful thing was Clove. It wasn’t.

I came full circle to life enthusiasm. Had this year gone differently, I don’t know if I would have gotten here. It’s hard to say, but here we are.

love your enthusiasm podcast artwork

Love Your Enthusiasm is a weekly podcast where I interview creators, teachers, and explorers to find out how and why they continue to follow their greatest passion. The goal is to help listeners, such as yourselves, feel more inspired to get what you want out of life.

Most of the podcast guests I interviewed for Clove were willing to collaborate with me yet again for Love Your Enthusiasm. You already know some of the guests who were originally a part of The Life Enthusiast Chronicles many moons ago, including:

Jessica was the very first Life Enthusiast and she will also be episode 01 of Love Your Enthusiasm. This sorta kinda just beautifully happened.

I didn’t realize that Jessica was the first guest blogger on The Life Enthusiast Chronicles back on May 11, 2013. I noticed this cool happenstance seven years later—a few minutes ago, to be exact—while writing this blog.

Love Your Enthusiasm will be launching soon…but I can’t give you a launch date quite yet. Some podcast directories take longer than others to approve new shows. I’m in a weird limbo right now with timing everything out.

As soon as the podcast is live, I will share it with you all, of course. And, if you miss the podcast launch announcement, that’s okay. Love Your Enthusiasm is very much a part of me, so I will be sharing new podcast episodes regularly here on my personal blog and social channels.

Have no fear…I will still share my usual stream of consciousness blogs that most of you seem to like???

Ever since I started this blog eight years ago, thoughts I have shared publicly have always felt incredibly random and irrelevant. But, so many of you have stuck around—and you are what keeps me writing.

recording podcast

In the meantime, the Love Your Enthusiasm social channels are officially a thing. You are welcome to start following these channels to stay in the loop and show your support for my new podcast.

I’m thankful to still be here—to return to my creative roots, to have this blog home since I published my first post on May 29, 2012. I’m thankful to all of you for still being here, reading…and one day very soon…listening.

14 thoughts on “The Serendipity of My New Podcast

  1. HOW EXCITING – CONGRATS – TO NEW ADVENTURES!!! Wishing you the BEST on this next journey of yours 🙂 I know personally you are an inspiration as well as a motivation to me – thanks so very much. Be Safe and Take Care.

  2. I will never cease to be amazed at your creativity, ideas, ingeniousity and cats moves to get back on your feet when everything around you tumbles down. You’re a piece of inspiration through your every bone, Britt!

    So happy to be here reading you, to be part of this enthusiastic adventure and to be your friend!

    Can’t wait to hear everybody’s take on the subject!
    Happy podcasts and launching!

  3. Podcasts are clearly still a ‘thing’ or you wouldn’t be pursuing this Britt. I must admit not to being a podcast listener – bar one which I’ve followed for 12 years now. So, best of luck with it. Following on Twitter and awaiting episode 1 with bated breath.

    1. Podcasts are definitely still a thing. When I was screened out—and when I got sick of looking at words because of my profession and creative writing—I started getting into podcasts. It’s a nice medium, because you can avoid looking at a screen for a change.

      Thank you for your support, as always, Roy!

  4. So honoured to be a part of it and to be the first Life Enthusiast on the blog and the first episode of Love Your Enthusiasm?! That’s serendipity right there!

    When I listened to my episode, I was thinking, “Dang, Britt is SOOO good at this!” You were looking for something new and different, and also meaningful, well, I think you have found it. Keep going – you have a real gift and the world needs your voice and all the voices you are bringing together.

    Forever your biggest fan (and I know I have lots of competition for that!),

    Jess x

    1. So much serendipity! You were such a great podcast guest…and we’re longtime pen pals so it was easy to have a natural conversation.

      Thank you for the compliments and support, as it has been really hard getting this off the ground during the past two weeks.

      You one of my fave humans, always! xo

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