Britt’s Worst San Francisco Hair…and You Get to Vote!

You know that one classic San Francisco song? The one about if you go, you should put some flowers in your hair?

Well, I am here to make an effing rebuttal.

After an awesome time in Los Angeles, we drove up to San Francisco for a few nights. We did all of the usual things, and paced ourselves so that we could eat as much incredible food as possible.

We worked on our buns of steel while walking up satanic hills with lovely views…

san francisco hillWe looked at all of the people taking selfies at the crazy winding Lombard street and were surprised that nobody got run over…

lombard streetWe had clam chowder at a little place on the water, hiding just outside of Fisherman’s Wharf…

san francisco boats

They wouldn’t let us break into Alcatraz (because every tour known to man was sold out for a week), so we did the next best thing…


And we took one of those goofy Golden Gate Bridge boat tours with the militant tourists that actually scare you with their enthusiasm…

san francisco tourists

But, there’s just one problem that happens when you’re on a boat in San Francisco. Hair.

Most of you regulars around here are used to me writing about somewhat deep and meaningful topics about life. You’ve been here with me through my mother’s breast cancer, a cross-country move, and my overall struggle with the writing path I have taken.

Today is about as shallow as it gets. Because I’m going to discuss how damn awful my hair was on that boat.

What was supposed to be a romantic moment on the bay with Mr. H for our 10-year anniversary celebration turned out to be one of the silliest times we had together.

You see, I chopped all of my hair off last year. It was an impulse purchase that stayed with me.

So, I recently started growing out a very short bob with bangs, which is one of the worst things imaginable for any gal. The hair doesn’t really go into a ponytail, but it’s long enough to go in every direction when the wind is just right.

I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my favorite blue hat to the San Francisco Bay gods, so I braved the boat on my own—awkward bob and all. And, now we have the pictures to prove how ridiculous my hair truly was.

So, let’s have some fun!

Leave a comment below to vote for my worst San Francisco hair by Sunday May 31 at midnight P.S.T. I’ll reveal the results next week with a very special blog post.

#1  The Antenna

the antenna

#2  The Aqua Net

The Aqua Net

#3  The Medusa

The Medusa

#4  The Flock of Seagull

The Flock of Seagulls

#5  The Hair Basket

The Hair Basket

Happy Voting!

48 thoughts on “Britt’s Worst San Francisco Hair…and You Get to Vote!

  1. I am choosing the hair basket, too. The Aquanet is next in line but in the others your hair looks rather cool. I hate hair flying about my face, though. HATE IT.

    1. Wow, the hair basket is smoking the others!

      I’m totally with you on the hair flying about my face thing, Gallivanta. It’s one of the top reasons I’m growing it out again. I always forget about that with short hair, and it drives me positively bonkers.

  2. I love the fact that you can laugh about it and show us those picutres! some people would hide them forever or even burn them ha!
    I’m particularly fan of Medusa and the Aqua net because of the bridge behind you guys.
    and… I just love your hair, you look so cute and fun!

    1. That was my initial thought, honey. I thought…WTH? I can’t share these with the public! Then I realized how fun they were, and how it’s not healthy to take ourselves too seriously.

      I’m a fan of the Medusa as well, but it seems to be an underdog. We named that one first, because it was spot on.

      Thank you, sweetness! xo

  3. Oh, I think the Flock of Seagulls is the clear winner. 🙂
    When we went to San Francisco, my mom insisted we wear flowers in our hair. We have lots of pictures of that. It was not a good look for me (or my husband), but my daughter was adorable.

  4. I’m thinking the hair basket takes the cake, but the antennae is a close second. Although, I think people pay good money to have their hair blown (minus the antennae) for that sexy, wild woman hair splattered across the face look.

    1. Yeah, I can’t do that whole wild hair in the face look. I see it all the time in amazing hair shots, and I’m like…that is so impractical! There’s no way these people wear their hair like that outside of a photo shoot.

  5. I love them all but the hair basket is probably the most unique design. I’ve got a few too many of those antenna ones. Sometimes they even develop into question marks or a sudden mustache. Beautiful smile in all of them – it looks like you guys had a lot of fun!

    1. Ooh, you should share your antenna pix with us, doll! You have long hair, so they should be epic. 🙂

      We had SO much fun. Back to the real world, but it’s great to be back in lovely Portland.

  6. Too late for voting — but I love the Medusa style the best! San Fran looks fab. Another place I’d love to check out, especially Alcatraz. I used to work at a bar in Colorado that was called The Alcatraz and it was modeled after the famous prison. Really cool place.

    1. The Medusa was my fave too, even with my snake fear. 😉

      I was so bummed we couldn’t get into Alcatraz on our trip. I’ve been once before and it was so neat. Um, that bar sounds incredible!

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