Britt’s Worst San Francisco Hair…and You Get to Vote!

You know that one classic San Francisco song? The one about if you go, you should put some flowers in your hair?

Well, I am here to make an effing rebuttal.

After an awesome time in Los Angeles, we drove up to San Francisco for a few nights. We did all of the usual things, and paced ourselves so that we could eat as much incredible food as possible.

We worked on our buns of steel while walking up satanic hills with lovely views…

san francisco hillWe looked at all of the people taking selfies at the crazy winding Lombard street and were surprised that nobody got run over…

lombard streetWe had clam chowder at a little place on the water, hiding just outside of Fisherman’s Wharf…

san francisco boats

They wouldn’t let us break into Alcatraz (because every tour known to man was sold out for a week), so we did the next best thing…


And we took one of those goofy Golden Gate Bridge boat tours with the militant tourists that actually scare you with their enthusiasm…

san francisco tourists

But, there’s just one problem that happens when you’re on a boat in San Francisco. Hair.

Most of you regulars around here are used to me writing about somewhat deep and meaningful topics about life. You’ve been here with me through my mother’s breast cancer, a cross-country move, and my overall struggle with the writing path I have taken.

Today is about as shallow as it gets. Because I’m going to discuss how damn awful my hair was on that boat.

What was supposed to be a romantic moment on the bay with Mr. H for our 10-year anniversary celebration turned out to be one of the silliest times we had together.

You see, I chopped all of my hair off last year. It was an impulse purchase that stayed with me.

So, I recently started growing out a very short bob with bangs, which is one of the worst things imaginable for any gal. The hair doesn’t really go into a ponytail, but it’s long enough to go in every direction when the wind is just right.

I wasn’t willing to sacrifice my favorite blue hat to the San Francisco Bay gods, so I braved the boat on my own—awkward bob and all. And, now we have the pictures to prove how ridiculous my hair truly was.

So, let’s have some fun!

Leave a comment below to vote for my worst San Francisco hair by Sunday May 31 at midnight P.S.T. I’ll reveal the results next week with a very special blog post.

#1  The Antenna

the antenna

#2  The Aqua Net

The Aqua Net

#3  The Medusa

The Medusa

#4  The Flock of Seagull

The Flock of Seagulls

#5  The Hair Basket

The Hair Basket

Happy Voting!

48 thoughts on “Britt’s Worst San Francisco Hair…and You Get to Vote!

  1. Can I vote for all of them? 🙂
    I think you look chic, and adorable no matter what position your hair is in, but #1 The Antenna, is exactly what my hair does in the wind or when I am driving home on sunny, hot days with the windows down and the stereo loud. For safety reasons, I have had to install a handy headband for those moments when I can’t see the traffic in front of me.

    1. Haha! You only get to choose one, Deb. The Antenna is a fantastic choice!

      I totally understand. We had plenty of good hair opportunities in the car as well. The safety headband…love it!

  2. Haha, I have to go with #5–the hair basket. You could carry your wallet in there. Or your leftovers. Or…

    For the record, you’re cute no matter which way your hair is blowing!

    1. Yay! Love the hair basket! It does look like I could hold some goodies in there. In San Francisco, there were no leftovers though. We ate everything, because the food was out of sight.

      Thanks, sweet cheeks!

  3. Hihi, the antenna is one I regularly wear here in the Texas gusts but I totally vote for the hair basket. Comes in handy 😀

  4. ok, you look adorable in all of them, are you joking? I love the windswept look (although I hate the feeling when my hair is flying all over my face so I know what you’re taking about!). My favorite of the pics is #5 as I would love you to put mousse in your hair and just wear it in that position for a day and see what reactions you get. Having said that, you live in Portland where I think anything goes so maybe you’ll just start a new trend, haha!

    1. You are too kind, Letizia doll! Thank you. At first I was thinking…I don’t want to share any of these pix. My hair looks crazy. Then, I thought…why not turn it into a fun game? 😉

      The Hair Basket trend. You heard it here first!

  5. Toss up between #1 with the awesom Cousin Itt look and #2 because of the Bridge and Señor Billy 🙂 Looks like a typical chilly, windy nearly foggy Bay day. Almost like the shores of Lake Michigan in spring!

    1. Nice choices, MJ! I thought the one with Billy was pretty funny. Looks like my bangs were quite happy to see him. 😉

      It was WAY colder in San Francisco than Portland the entire time we were there. That fog cuts right through your clothes. But, like Milwaukee, it’s still gorgeous no matter what that moody weather is doing.

    1. The basket seems to be a crowd fave! I thought that was somewhat more tame than the others. But when you start realizing the conveniency of the hair basket, it really is something.

      I tell you what..when my hair is long again, I promise a fantastic Cousin It impression. 😉

  6. Gotta agree with everyone here, you still look cute no matter what. The hair basket does trump all of them though I have to say. Still, shorter hair can’t quite compare to long hair when the wind decides to act up! That’s when things truly get messed up. 😉

    1. Thanks, love! I wasn’t expecting so many compliments, but they do make my hair feel a little better. The hair basket is certainly in the lead!

      Longer hair does better in the wind for me, because my hair gets so heavy. The wind can’t defeat it. 🙂

    1. “Worst” is all fun and games…believe me! The hair basket is pretty exceptional. With the popularity around here, it might need to become a main character in a novel some day.

  7. I love the Medusa! People pay money to get that look. Not to mention, so Hollywood even if you are in SanFran.

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