My toes are SO famous right now.


No seriously. My toes are SO famous right now.

My good friend at toemail featured my recent post So you want to take a media vacay – along with my toes…naturally. My toes (and I’m hoping my writing) has rounded up over 60 likes already over at their super fun place.


This is actually the second time my toes have made an appearance over at toemail. Of course that was way back when nobody knew this little blog even existed. My toes have had a rough life, what with being shoved in pointe shoes during my former dancing years and ridiculous high heels countless other years.

Be sure to stop by and give my toes a “like”!

Also, thank you ALL for participating in the Pick Your Favorite Britt Pic poll. There was a tie between two images, so I tinkered with the lighting a bit to marry the two ideas.

The new profile pic you’ll be seeing all over the damn place is this guy…

britt skrabanek

Okie dokie, artichokes. Enjoy your Sundays…eat amazing food, get outside, and hug someone neat!

4 thoughts on “My toes are SO famous right now.

  1. I had a picture posted on toemail once. It was the post of my toes stomping grapes just like Lucy Ricardo did. It’s such a fun, unique blog. I was glad I had something to contribute on it.

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