Unrequited Summer


My darling summer,

How I pined over you during those numbing months when winter stole you away. The days were deprived, the blankets failed to warm.

Now you are here, loud with your unapologetic radiance.

You blind me with your provocative shades of green, lawns of tangy lime and leaves of emerald jewel. You mesmerize me with your endless sky eyes, sometimes speckled with curvaceous white. You hold me in your pretty scented arms without the urge to stifle, only to offer up some of that glow. You serenade me like it was nothing, mastering chirps and breeze into the most resplendent symphony.

Like my heart, my windows are open, beckoning the city inside – crisp construction, undulating sirens, boisterous garbage trucks – and those silly, drunken melodies from the lush crew staggering upon the incompetent sidewalks.

None of that turns me sour. How could it, when all is consumed by such sweet? Your damn beautiful sweet.

I know that no matter how many sentiments my cherry-stained fingers conjure, you will still leave me. You will vanish silently, wither away until your brightness becomes barren.

Until then, I will relish every golden ounce of you. And know, my darling summer, that I will forever be your paramour, forever thirsty for your unrequited love.

21 thoughts on “Unrequited Summer

  1. What a beautiful ode to the summer months 🙂 You managed to encapsulate everything I love about this time of year, well done!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. This sums up exactly how I feel about the start of summer. By August, I’m done. But the beauty of living in Ohio is that we really do have all four seasons for about 3 months each. I’ve gotten spoiled. As soon as I get sick of one season, it starts to change. I guess that’s why I keep choosing to live here.

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