30 thoughts on “So you want to take a media vacay

  1. That headstand is so beautiful!

    I set aside specific times to check my media so the rest of my days are media free and I try to always have one media free day per week. I’m not a huge gadget person so this is more of a reminder to actually check my email at some point during the day! My better half, on the other hand, gets fidgety if his iphone isn’t within arms reach…

    1. Thanks, love! My hubby and I had fun with that in the park a couple of weekends ago. I may or may not have fallen over fifty times until we got the right shot. : )

      Setting aside a specific time is super smart. I need to do that now that I’m back. It’s good to reserve time to focus on specific things, even these crazy hobbies!

      1. The other park goers must have gotten a kick out of watching you and your husband try to get that photo just right 🙂

  2. This was so cool to read! You are so full of inspiration, girl!! I’m not yet able to do head stands, but I had a similar increase in focus during my break and I was finally able to do the crow until – like you said – I decided to stop xx

    1. Firstly, thank you, love. Secondly, woohoo on the crow! It’s one of my favorite poses…so much fun to play with.

      Headstands take ridiculous patience and non-stop encouragement more than anything. It’s an amazing feeling when you get it – the closest you’ll ever come to flying.

  3. This is great Britt. Congrats on the headstand! I usually check out before I have to make big decisions and find using the extra time to meditate and run brings amazing clarity. Love the picture…. beautiful, cute and inspiring.

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