54 thoughts on “A Haircut and A Hiatus

  1. I was starting to think we weren’t going to get the big reveal 🙂 Looks great. I’ve had very long and very short hair – love the short for the ease of it, but I’m somewhere in the middle now with a bob. Have a great break, hope you get lots of peace and inspiration 🙂

    1. LOL! Funny, but I almost forgot to include the pic for you guys at the end! That would have been too much of a tease to wait until October for the reveal. I’ve had all lengths myself and now I remember how much easier and lighter short hair truly is.

      I’ll see you in October, honey!

  2. Your hair looks fabulous! I’m going to make a change soon too. My hair has been long and straight for years, and though I’m not ready to cut it short, I’m going to add some layers. For me that’s a big thing because I really love the ease of a ponytail. But I need a new look.

    Enjoy your social media break! Everyone should do it from time to time. 🙂

    1. Thanks, doll! I remember you saying that on Twitter, or somewhere. You should totally make that change! Layers are an easy way to mix things up without too much drama like my Great Ponytail Massacre.

      Yes, social media breaks are crucial for our sanity. : )

  3. Your hair looks fabulous! I wish I could chop my hair off, but with mine it’s more of a hassle short than long. On account of it being curly, it’s difficult to control it and keep it out of my face if it’s not tied back or held with a clip. =/

    You’ll be missed! But at least it’s just one month this time. 😉 I hope you have a wonderful break!

    1. Thanks, honey! I have a friend with SUPER curly hair that does manage a bob. Half the time she keeps it wet, gelled, and slicked back in a bun. But when she leaves it down and styles it, it looks really awesome. I know it’s more difficult though.

      Yes, one month is not as long as last year. I just needed a mini-hiatus this year, since I don’t have as much going on. I’ll miss you. See you in October!

  4. Your hair looks amazing! Good on you for braving the chop! I felt the same when I got my hair cut recently. The hair stylist kept asking “Are you ready?” as if I was making a mistake. But I didn’t feel any hesitation or regret at all. I STILL keep using WAY too much shampoo/conditioner though. Guess I’ll learn eventually.

    Naturally I’ll miss “having you around” over the next month but happy for you to take this break to focus on what you need. We’ll all be here waiting for you when you return. Muah!

    1. I remember when you first busted out your chic cut. Such an awesome change, isn’t it? That’s so funny about your hairstylist. In fact hair in general is so funny. It grows back, people! : )

      I’ll miss you too, sweet thang. Can’t wait to travel some more with you…lurker style! I’m like your happily little stowaway. Muah!

  5. You look like one of those lovely black and white movie stars – perfect for the new Nola Fran Evie look! I had to laugh when I saw hiatus in the title – just when I’m thinking of maybe reappearing! 🙂 I highly recommend the social media breaks though. They really help with creativity and sanity and all that. Hope you have a great time away and I’ll look forward to your reappearance!

    1. Hey, stranger! Aw, shucks..that’s so awesome to hear. I was missing that retro vibe that accompanies a shorter style, so yay for that compliment!

      Haha! Maybe I needed to vacate the blog premises so you could reenter. It sounds like your break has been incredible for you and that you’re ready to come back. If one of your fabulous posts pops up in my inbox, I’ll definitely be lurking. See you soon, pretty!

    1. Thanks, hon! Shorter than chin-length is pretty daring stuff, I know. I went pixie once before but would never endure the growing out process from that length again. So much freedom…lovin’ it!

  6. Happy Hiatus! Don’t lurk too much; get out and enjoy being a looker with your sassy new haircut. Was your hair long enough to donate to the people who make wigs for cancer patients?

    1. Thanks, Gallivanta! My lurking will be pretty laid back. I’ll keep up with my blogging buddies so I don’t feel too lonely, but the inspiration hunt is my focus. The hair wasn’t quite long enough, though I donated once before. My hairstylist is using my ponytail as a swatch for her clients, since she loves my natural hair color and thinks other people might want it. We might see a bunch of Britt clones in Portland soon! : )

  7. That haircut really suits you. Not sure I’d look as good as you if I cut off my long hair, as I’m older and wear glasses. But I know what you mean about hair getting caught in things. Mine once got caught in the electric whisk in the kitchen. I had to think very quickly and turn off the power supply, or I might have ended up bald! Of course, I had to throw the cake mix away as it was full of hair.

    1. Thanks, Sarah! Have you ever gone shorter before? This is my third time chopping long hair, so I’ve played quite a bit. There are so many options out there…you might want to consult your hairstylist if you’re ever craving change. It can be an amazing pick-me-up!

      That electric whisk situation sounds like my worst nightmare. Glad you acted quickly!

      1. Yes, Britt, I always had short hair and then decided to grow it long at an age when most people cut their hair shorter. My hairdresser said that because my hair is very fine, it would benefit from the additional weight and not frizz as much. Also, by now I have quite a lot of silver hairs on top, so I would look as if I’d turned into an old woman overnight if I chopped my hair short. And, unfortunately for me, I’m allergic to almost everything in standard beauty products and Green People (who I buy most of them from) haven’t yet brought out a hair dye!

  8. Britt Lurve the hair, i remember cutting mine when I was away living in London. My hair was almost down to my waist. I felt the same energy and have never grown it back. Good luck with the break it sounds wonderful and we will be here when you return. Happy hunting.

    1. Down to your waist…wowza! During my early years in college my hair was almost that long, then I chopped it and dyed it red. It was so freeing!

      I’ll see what I can hunt down during the hiatus and report back to you guys in October. See ya soon, Kath!

  9. Years ago, I chopped all of my long hair off, too—and learned that the shorter version had no desire to behave in any way I wanted! So it’s been long for a long, long, time, and will probably stay that way for a while. 🙂 Yours looks great short, though!

    I’ll be gone for probably 3 weeks myself in September because of busyness again. Enjoy your break!

    1. Oh, no! I guess I’ve been pretty lucky to be able to wear it any which way. The short hair takes a bit more manipulating, but I’m remembering my old tricks. Thanks for your sweet words, hon!

      Well, happy break to you too, then! We’ll catch up in October. : )

  10. It feels great to go short, I used to chop mine every five years, could keep up with a short cut here though, so I’ll enjoy yours, vicariously. Enjoy your much deserved break.

  11. Looking cool Britt, but I’d still have gone for another inch or two! Back in the day shy girls tended to hide behind their hair but that’s not so common now. Funnily enough my hair is shorter than it’s been since I was a child – can’t remain a hippy forever.
    Have a great break, use the time wisely, see you in October.

    1. Thanks, Roy! We’ll see how it goes. This was the first step, so there may be more coming off in the future.

      Hippy hair can get a little heavy, right? : )

      See you soon! (Stay out of trouble.)

  12. Love the haircut! I’m off to get mine cut today, though only about 3 inches or so.
    Enjoy your hiatus! I’ll miss reading what’s up in your life, but know you’ll be back with inspiration and stories to share.

  13. Love your short hair! I’m one of those gals who’s very self-conscious with short hair, although I secretly dream of chopping it all off into a pixie cut!

    I think that taking a break from social media is so important for sustainable creativity. I had intended to take off the summer, but I ended up feeling guilty and visiting my friends anyway. Good luck with your hiatus, and you know I’ll be here when you return!

    1. Thanks, Kate doll! It was weird not to have the mop to hide behind at first, but I am definitely loving the lightness and sassiness.

      Social media breaks are essential to our modern day human survival. I appreciate social media as a communication tool, but it can certainly commandeer our free time. Obviously, for us writers, we need all the spare time we can get!

  14. Gorgeously cute new haircut. I am envious of people who can grow their hair. Mine gets bored and stops after it gets past my ears. Enjoy your hiatus. I’ve taken a massive one and it was amazing. See you in October. gx

    1. Thanks, sweetness! It took me a while to get it as long as I did. Then, my hair and I got bored together.

      Lovely to see you around these parts again. Your writing is my favorite.

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