A Bona Fide Blogging (and Social Media) Hiatus


Yep, that pile of Yogi roadkill is me.

It was Sunday night, month seven of ten of my Yoga teacher training adventure. Aphrodite the cat humiliated me further by using my carcass as a doormat.

Philosophical exploration is part of the process of becoming a legitimate Yoga teacher.

A question I’ve been secretly asking myself for several months was asked aloud to the entire group of trainees: “What is the purpose of running around?”

It was dead silent.

Tears welled up in my heavy eyes and I choked down the unattractive sob which tried to escape from the depths of my throat.

Just as I suspected…guilty as charged.

When we run around in circles, we don’t get anywhere. No matter how much determination we muster, no matter how fast we go, we stay in the same unfulfilling place.

Ironically, last week I wrote a post called Stop Farting Around. It was meant to be an inspiring post, encouraging the pursuit of dreams.

However, it revealed something jarring to me.

I’m too busy pursuing, drowning in drunken visions of profound splendor. I try to do it all, and the scary thing is…I can pretty much do it.

Am I at peace? Am I satisfied? I think you know what the answers are here.

I need to prioritize my life for a bit. I allowed myself to choose 3 of the most important things…instead of the usual 764.

  • LIFE – I need more of it…my magnificent husband Mr. H, my kooky cats, a great book, staring into space, smelling the roses, sleeping in, savoring a ridiculous meal. I want to bathe in all of it.
  • NOVEL – I’m a novelist first, a blogger second. Those of my fellow writers out there in the same boat know how tricky it is to balance these two wonderful things. I am totally rocking the pants off of my first draft and I shall aim my writerly energy there during my time away.
  • YOGA – I graduate from teacher training mid-June. Thus far the hefty pile of books, my practice and meditation, and the training weekends have been shoved into every remaining crevice of my free time. These final hours will require my full devotion.

As you can see, blogging didn’t make the list. How in the hell could it compete with all that anyway?

Therefore, I’m taking a hiatus. I know it sounds dramatic, but two months isn’t exactly a break.

Blogging is so incredible and I adore you all – my exquisite readers, my resplendent friends, my outstanding supporters. Nonetheless, when enjoyment morphs into stress and creativity evolves into pressure, it’s time to do something about it.

When I first wrote this post, it was quite laughable.

In fact, it was titled a “half-ass” hiatus rather than a bona fide one. I cooked up this whole scheme where I would still figure out a way to post archives and reblog, but then I owned up to the fact that none of that was the real deal.

To take it a step further, I knew something else had to go during the hiatus…social media. Twitter, Facebook, even good ol’ Goodreads.

In order to keep distractions at bay, all blogging related email notifications and all of my handy dandy Iphone apps will be temporarily suspended.

With all this rediscovered free time, who knows what will happen?

Maybe I’ll finish my first draft. Maybe I’ll have some Yoga teaching gigs in the works.

I know one thing…I’ll have more time to cuddle with Mr. H and the cats. And that, more than anything, is a reason to be ridiculously excited.

I get it. From a marketing standpoint, I’m doing this all wrong. I should have scheduled posts ahead of time and I should have lined up guest bloggers – yada, yada, yada.

Hell, I’m even celebrating my one year blogiversary during the hiatus! I should just wait, and do this later…yeah, that’s a cop-out, too.

From a life standpoint I’m doing this all right, trying something completely out of character. I’m slowing down.

And so the two month countdown begins. See, I even have a countdown thingamajig on the sidebar now.

I will still be around this weekend to reply to comments, share status updates on FB and Twitter, and catch up on some blog reading.

As of Monday, April 22nd, Britt’s going dark for two whole months.

I will do my best to respond to any comments made during the hiatus upon my return in June.

For those bloggers I follow religiously, please know that I will still be reading from my email but will not participate with my usual liking and commenting during the hiatus. I’ll be like one of those silky web stalkers we never hear from, but always seem to know what we’re up to. (Mwah, ha, ha!)

I am going to miss everyone here like crazy. Feel free to shoot me an email via the contact form and say hello.

Thank you all for your continued loveliness. I’ll see you soon.

With much, much love. – Britt

29 thoughts on “A Bona Fide Blogging (and Social Media) Hiatus

  1. I’ll miss your posts, Britt. You’ve always been a bright spot for my little world.

    You do what you gotta do, though. We’ll understand. And if we don’t… it ain’t worth worrying about.

    One thing you should always remember: You’re smarter than the average bear. Go get yourself a pic-a-nic basket, Yogi.

    1. Tim! Thank you so much for, gosh…EVERYTHING. You are so supportive, dropping these little bits of wisdom every time we talk.

      I’m gonna go grab that basket now and enjoy. : )

  2. I felt such a sense if relief when I read this. Good for you! I’ve been leaving my phone at home lately and it’s so nice. Looking forward to your novel!!

    1. I was relieved to write it…the second time when I did it the true way. : )

      Good for you on the phone abandonment! On my weekends, I barely look at it. During the week is my downfall. Thanks for the novel wishes!

  3. Awww, you’ll be missed, Britt! But you should do what you think is right, and if you feel that you need to focus on a few things, then all the power to you. Good luck! I hope this hiatus helps you, and we’ll all be waiting for you here when you come back. 🙂

    1. Aww, I’ll miss you guys so much! I definitely need to refocus. This is my way of traipsing off to a deserted island.

      Thank you for sticking around. That is awesome to hear. : )

  4. Good for you Britt, you are a wise owl sorting out your priorities like this. Get your Yoga qualification, kick your WIP’s ass, annoy the hell out of your husband and cats. Good luck, we’re not going anywhere.

    1. LOL! Roy, you made me spit out my coffee this morning. I am going to annoy the crap out of them for sure. Thank you for being supportive.

      Hey, I’m almost finished with Jersey Tale, and I love it to pieces. I’ll leave a review on Amazon US. I didn’t see your book on Goodreads.

      Can’t wait to read Tess! : )

  5. I will miss you but understand and respect the choice. Can’t wait to hear all that life when you come back. There’s sure to be some great stories. Enjoy. Read something great or reread a fave. Peace!

  6. You’ll no doubt have a really wonderful, eye-opening time away from the computer (except for writing) You might be tempted to log on for the first while or come up with blog ideas but good luck 😀
    Sounds like a great idea. Have an excellent 2 months and I look forward to that big ‘I’m Back’ post to hear everything you’ve discovered about not social media-ing!

    1. I’m sure at first it will be tough, a bit like quitting a relentless habit. The blog ideas will really be something I have to quiet down, since we bloggers are constantly cooking those up, aren’t we? : )

      Thanks for your sweet encouragement. I always love reading your blog and will continue to do so during my break…minus the likes and comments, of course. Those are against the rules.

      But I’ll still be there, laughing at your quirky awesomeness.

  7. I will miss your posts, Britt, but at least I have your novel downloaded on my iPod Touch to read in your absence! I admire your resolve. You are dead right to make this decision. I need to do the same; it’s an addiction to keep watching to see what’s next in blogosphere. It’s a fun addiction, but it sucks up a lot of time. I hope you have a very productive timeout, but please return!

    1. Oh, that’s super awesome! Thank you for supporting my little novelista dream. : )

      I think this decision was a long time coming, I just didn’t want to face it. I agree blogging is a fun addiction, but a little more freedom in my life is going to be just the ticket.

      I shall definitely return. Talk to you soon, sweet friend! : )

  8. Have a wonderful, creative, fantastic time away, Britt!

    I will miss your lovely stories and inspirational words, but can always reread one of your books if I feel Britt-deprived 🙂

    I look forward to your new stories and adventures in the future – enjoy the pause, reflection, fun, work, and family.
    talk to you in the summer!

    1. Oh, thank you, lovely! I’m going to miss you so much!

      Leaving my wonderful bloggers was the hardest part. I’ve really made some amazing connections in our little virtual world.

      Take care and I’ll “see” you in the summer. : )

  9. Ack! I’m really going to miss you, Britt. I always enjoy your posts, and you always leave such great comments on my blog. I completely understand where you’re coming from, and I’ve been up to my eyeballs in blog posts, trying to figure out again how to cut back without cutting out. Next week my son is getting his tonsils and adenoids removed, so I’m going to be taking some time off from the blogging job too.

    Good luck with your time off. Know that you will be missed, and I’m looking forward to seeing you this summer!


    1. I’m totally going to miss you, Kate! I enjoy your blog so much, and like I said, I’ll still be reading just not stopping by like I normally do.

      It’s definitely a juggle for us though, isn’t it? I’m excited to see where this new space will lead. I shall definitely report back upon my return.

      I’ll see you soon, doll!

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