27 thoughts on “Hu…hello? Is there anybody out there?

  1. Ahhhhh. The sigh of relief to see your words back in action! Welcome back. Call me. We can compare cubicle capers………..

    1. Laurie, love! You are the epitome of sweetness.

      I got your voicemail. We were packing for a camping trip this weekend, so I couldn’t chat. Are you around Sunday evening? I’ll try you then. Can’t wait to share cubicle capers with you. : )

  2. I thought it 50:50 that you’d come back at all Britt – I imagine you’ve gained one or two different perspectives. But great to see you and well done on all those accomplishments.

    1. Hmmm…50:50. You are spot on, as always. I have gained some perspective and plan to play with some of that insight in the coming year.

      So very awesome to see you. More than anything, this rad community brought me back. (I know you’re surprised it wasn’t the fame and glory of being an indie author.)

  3. Welcome back, Britt! Good to see you around the blogosphere again. 😀 Sounds like you were productive. Congrats on your blogiversary and your anniversary AND finishing your first draft. I’m sure it’s not crap, but even if it was you at least managed to finish it. Go you!

  4. Man, you really did a good comeback post – taking the bull by the horns and going honestly into the process of a hiatus. I could only completely ignore the fact that I’d been away and talk about crapping my pants. hmmm. (good to have you back x)

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