Name my characters, why don’t ya?

Geez Louise! I never thought I’d write one book and here I am starting my third. I’m either destined to be a novelist or you’re all destined to hear the rantings of a crazy lady.

Anywho, I’m in the outlining stage, also known as the honeymoon phase for us writers, and I can use your help out there. I want you guys to name two of my characters!

Fun, yeah?

Here’s a brief background for you to ponder before choosing the names from the polls below.

Baseball TicketsI had this crazy discovery last summer when I bought a vintage handbag here in Milwaukee and I found some artifacts from 1954 – two baseball tickets, and a shopping list on the back of a voting receipt.

Sixty years ago, people! How cool is that?!

I wrote a post about it, because I was so freaking excited! This was back when I first started blogging and nobody knew who the hell I was, so you can check out The Clues in the Vintage Handbag if you want.

I daydreamed about who the owner of the handbag might have been, and pictured three different women. So, my brother-in-law pointed out that it looked like I had the skeleton of a decent story on my hands, and he was right. (Thanks, Shawn!)

And, here we are.

My working title is The Bra Game. The story will bounce back and forth between the woman who discovers the handbag and clues in somewhat modern day to the three women she imagines as the possible owners back in 1954. The three women were previously connected as baseball players in the All American Girls Baseball League at the tail end of World War II.

Since I adore strong female characters, these unconventional athletes are right up my alley. We know that when the men came home, the women were expected to ditch their wartime duties, and make lots of babies and pies.

But, what about the women who were different?

So, there’s your teaser.

This is a completely different project for me as it will be a departure from my previous thrillers, and more of an exploration of social issues. Rather than an international locale, this is all about Chicago in the fifties…an all-American romp, if you will.

And, instead of one main character, I have three! I’ve got one named because her name hit me like a ton of bricks, and so it must be.

But, I still have two more to name…and here’s where you come in.

1950s woman with ray bans


In a Nutshell: Feisty Italian-American Tomboy
Classic Movie Star Twin: Audrey Hepburn
Baseball Position: Catcher, Bunter-Stealer
Occupation: Photographer


In a Nutshell: Busty Polish-American Sex Kitten
Classic Movie Star Twin: Marilyn Monroe
Baseball Position: Left Fielder, Left-handed Batter
Occupation: Housewife/Socialite

It would be awesome if you guys would spread the word on this poll of mine…the more, the merrier! The name reveal will take place on February 28th.

ENB_sidebar_coverbtsg sidebar cover

And if you don’t know anything about my previous work, now is the time to check them out. I’m currently offering a whole buck off the entire month of February.

All the details are right here.

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