Grinnin’ Through the Grind: Keep it Movin’

In case you missed the first two parts of my Grinnin’ Through the Grind series, you can get up to speed right here…

Keep it Healthy

Keep it Classy

19 thoughts on “Grinnin’ Through the Grind: Keep it Movin’

  1. Hey, Britt!

    First I must say I love the dress.

    Secondly, excellent idea- probably it’s been around but I’ve just never heard it, but using the tie/scarf- genius…

    And third, thanks for stopping by and following blog #2! Appreciate the support!

    Keep it healthy (and classy, and movin’)…:)

    1. Thanks, lovely! I just may have invented the tie/scarf thing unless it’s out there somewhere I don’t know about. Thought it was fun!

      Absolutely on the follow! I’m one of your adoring writer fans, so that one will be right up my alley. : )

      1. Well then, allow me to give credit where credit is due! Such a brilliant idea! I saw the tie and my first thought was, “So great!” Second thought: But what about the wom- ah! a scarf, yes…!”

        Thanks for your kind words…I am beaming, truly:)

  2. Beautiful. This is really awesome, because I get so caught up in my writing sometimes that I forget to move around. Some of the moves I would never think of — especially rolling the ball with my foot — which would be helpful after a long day standing poolside timing a swim meet (which I had to do this weekend for 10 hours!!)

    Thanks, Britt!

    1. So many of us get caught up at our desks…it’s nuts. I’m extra guilty with the writing at home plus the 9-5.

      You will love adding the ball into your life routine. I use one constantly.

      Gee whiz, 10 hours is a long time! Grab a tennis ball and have at it, doll!

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