Grinnin’ Through the Grind: Keep it Classy

Hey, I’m back with this mini series…Grinnin’ Through the Grind (If you missed the first segment: Keep it Healthy)

Onwards to Part Deux!

We all work our tushes off most of our lives. Whether we’re working our dream job or our day job, we are connected by a daily duty which often includes…DUN DUN DUN…office drama.

Keeping it classy at work would seem like a no-brainer, something we all do naturally, right?


The Icy Sneer
The Icy Sneer

Maybe it’s mob mentality – I’m not entirely sure – but the workplace can be a downright cesspool of negativity.

A snide remark here, a roll of the eyes there…hey look, it’s high school all over again! I think we can all agree that once was traumatic aplenty.

I’ve worked a lot of different jobs and snarkiness, although never fully disclosed in the employee handbook, seems to be a consistent occupational hazard.

So, it’s there – every day, every dusty corner of your drab office. We have to put on our big boy and girl pants, and deal.

It doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice ourselves, joining into the venomous banter just because everyone else is doing it. If so-and-so jumped off the ninth floor, would you join them? You catch my drift.

The Crap Talk
The Crap Talk

Here are a few ways to keep it classy around the office…

  • If you don’t have anything nice to say…zip the lip.  Let’s be honest, we’ve all gossiped at one point or another. It takes work to stay out of that mindless trap. Think about a time you said something uncool about someone. Bet you didn’t feel too cool afterwards, did you?

Classy Solution:  If you don’t get along with another person for this or that, try a ridiculously positive approach. Give them a little smile and kill them with kindness. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when your crap relationship experiences a chummy revelation, and you won’t be so eager to talk smack when the tension is nonexistent.

  • If they don’t have anything nice to say…shut it down.  News flash, back stabbers! Lowering your voices or even whispering does not disguise your poisonous convo. And, cubicles are not made of soundproof steel.

Classy Solution:  Throw on some headphones to block out the nasty. If you want to put an end to the crap talk, you don’t have to blatantly call them out on it like a narc. Just interrupt them with a work question and get everybody back on task.

  • If you’re frustrated about something…mind the noises.  OK, this is a sneaky one that a lot of us do without realizing. The insanely loud, exaggerated sigh which screams “Why me?” or “This sucks!” is bad energy which should be channeled elsewhere.

Classy Solution:  Close your eyes and turn your attention inward, practicing deep breathing while you slowly count to ten. If you still feel iffy, keep on counting. Or take a different type of breather, and go for a little stroll.

A definitive result of spreading negativity is the prominence of self-induced misery. Soon enough you won’t be grinnin’ through the grind, you’ll be grunting through it.

The Point and Laugh
The Point and Laugh

How do YOU keep it classy on the job?

*Next week will be the final part in this series. Grinnin’ Through the Grind: Keep it Movin‘ will be a special vlog from yours truly. Stay tuned…

31 thoughts on “Grinnin’ Through the Grind: Keep it Classy

  1. Yes, I can recall that I became a master of pranayama and other forms of conscious breathing when I worked in an office environment. 🙂 I’m blessed now to do all of my work from home — I just hope it hasn’t hurt my yogic breathing practices.

    1. I’m just coming off a stint of working from home for a year, and returning to the office environment myself. It has its challenges but not as much as before…thanks to Yoga. Breathing is the best medicine!

  2. Thankfully there are only three people in the office besides me, so I don’t have to deal with a lot of snark. Most of the time, however, I like to keep to myself. At 24, I’m the youngest person here and feel somewhat out of the loop, so I just come in, exchange a few pleasantries, do my work and get out. Simple yet effective!

    1. Keeping to yourself is a great tactic, and one that I am practicing more at my new job then I did in previous ones. The less you get involved from a personal standpoint, the better!

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