Your Tips…Staying Sane on the Plane

The people have spoken. We have united our brilliance, coming together to share our tried and true tips for staying sane on the plane.

In case you missed the post, you should probably click here to find out what the heck I’m talking about. Then you may proceed.


Roy McCarthy (Back On The Rock) asked…
“Any solutions for local flights, like, how come you’re always last for the drinks trolley and you’re about to land?”

I said…
“If you want to get creative you can always press the stew light and fake a medical condition (wink, wink).”

T.W. Dittmer asked…
“Sane? Hmmm…”

I said…
“I know…it’s absurd. Mainly, I just wanted to rhyme with plane.”


Letizia (Reading Interrupted)
“I always bring some food with me as food on planes is terrible. Especially a snack. There’s nothing more wonderful than getting out your own little bag of popcorn or something in middle of the movie; you will be the envy of the whole plane  And to drink a lot of water – especially for those long overseas flights.”

Gail (The Jotter’s Joint)
“In addition to books, music and journal, I take notecards and stamps so that I can send some love from the road. And I stock up on gum and hard candy. That way if I fall asleep with my mouth open at least my breath is fresh.”

Dianne Gray
“I absolutely hate flying so just walking onto a plane sends me into a spin. I take travel sickness tablets and that seems to calm me down a bit.”

“My mantra for staying sane on the plane – A chilled glass of coke, a soft pillow, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones, and my MP3 player!”

Devon Goetzinger
(Devon doesn’t have a website, but you may remember her from the San Diego posts.)
“I’d add carrying hand sanitizer, Emergen-C, and anti-bacterial hand wipes. That’s all in addition to closing the air flow above your head if at all possible…no need to get sick from the coughing passenger 10 rows back who you’re forced to share *dirty* air with.”

Thank you bloggers (and my gal Devon) for chiming in with your awesome tips.

Readers, make sure to check out these blogs…they are all amazing and insightful!

Whether you’re traveling by plane, train, or automobile…have an incredibly delicious Thanksgiving. And, let’s all make a pact right here, right now.

Let us be grateful every single day of the year. Let us not lose our damn minds during the holidays.

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