Staying Sane on the Plane

We the People who brave planes are intrepid.

Together we experience hours of discomfort high above the clouds – trapped, smashed, and irritated.

Our legs fall victim to numbness, time becomes a sinister enemy, and suddenly you begin questioning yourself, perhaps asking: “Why in the hell did I even sign up for this BS?”

The answer is simple. You needed to travel somewhere far, and your futile attempts to learn how to fly as a child just never panned out.

Folks, it’s that time of year…the holiday season, otherwise known as over-priced, voluntary torture time.

Maybe you’re visiting loved ones in a small town nobody has ever heard of. Or perhaps you’re fleeing from them, squatting on a deserted island under your kicky new pseudonym…Ginger Gilligan.

Either way, your sorry little butt is going to be on a plane.

So, I thought we could make the unbearable slightly bearable by sharing flying tips. I’ll go first and you can put your two cents in down below.

If I get enough awesomeness in the comment section, I will create a follow-up post next week. Those of you with websites will be linked accordingly.

To be included, I need your comments by midnight U.S. central on Sunday, November 18th.

Here we go!

Britt’s Tips for Staying Sane on the Plane

  1. Peppermint Oil  No more smelling your foul neighbor or the dirty diaper in the row in front of you. Plus, it’s a great pick me up. Dab a smidge of peppermint oil right beneath your nose and enjoy some untainted bliss.
  2. Sustenance  Water, tea, fruit, and nuts are a must! Airplane tea is dreadful so I bring my own tea bags and request hot water. My favorites are peppermint and lemon ginger; both are uplifting and soothe your tummy.
  3. Army of Entertainment  Don’t limit yourself here. There’s nothing worse than bringing a new book you just can’t get into. Be prepared with activities that will excite different senses. Most of us possess technological wonders hosting an array of diversions. I’m pretty old-fashioned: books, music, and a journal for writing.
  4. Covers & Layers  Come prepared for ridiculous temperature variations. Season pending, having a sarong, shawl, or blanket handy is always a versatile staple on and off the plane. Layers are crucial! You don’t want to be stuck in that lumpy sweater when it’s stuffier than a sauna.
  5. Comfy Cute  Save the fancy shoes and clothes for later. Trust me, you will not arrive at your destination looking anything less than disheveled. On another note, being comfortable should not mean wearing your pajamas in public. When in doubt, the jeans/flats combo works like a champ.

Now it’s your turn. How do you stay sane on the plane?

21 thoughts on “Staying Sane on the Plane

  1. I agree with the others, peppermint oil is a great idea! I always bring some food with me as food on planes is terrible. Especially a snack. There’s nothing more wonderful than getting out your own little bag of popcorn or something in middle of the movie; you will be the envy of the whole plane 🙂 And to drink a lot of water – especially for those long overseas flights.

    1. When they come around with those chintzy plane snacks now…I cringe. Of course on longer flights, the alleged meals are quite disgusting. Popcorn’s a great choice…and water is always a must! Thx, Letizia!

  2. Awesome post, Britt. I absolutely hate flying so just walking onto a plane sends me into a spin. I take travel sickness tablets and that seems to calm me down a bit 😉

    1. Aw thanks, Dianne! I used to love flying when I was a kid, but it has lost its splendor…that’s for sure! I fall victim to travel sickness in the car and on boats. So, flying trumps other transportation for me in that regard.

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