For My Apple Lovers

Not that kind of apple, silly! The other kind.

In addition to Amazon and Smashwords, my latest book, Everything’s Not Bigger, is now available for your delicious Apple products as well. I realize $4.99 is a little pricier than a normal apple, but it sure is a yummy bargain for a book!

In the heartland of oil money, Jaye Davis spends her whirlwind existence trapped in the battle fields of high fashion. Surrounded by sparkling ambition and plastic perfection, she reluctantly masquerades as a sales drone at Lyman’s, a luxury store in Dallas. After escaping a turbulent past and leaving everything behind, Jaye struggles to find her place in the world. Armed with a quiet determination, she embarks on a solitary quest, searching for certainty in an uncertain future.

But Jaye Davis isn’t her real name–only a byproduct of the witness protection program. Once her fabricated identity is thrown into jeopardy, she flees to the haunting allure of Prague. Unearthing her roots in an important step toward self-discovery, she learns to surrender to the life she truly deserves.

Ooh, that sounds crisp and delightful, Britt! I’d love  a bite.

7 thoughts on “For My Apple Lovers

    1. I just went the Smashwords route again, so I didn’t have to squirrel around with ISBN’s. I’ve been satisfied with Smashwords thus far. Great stuff for running an indie endeavor on a zero budget.

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