ReBlog: Book review – Everything’s Not Bigger, Britt Skrabanek

A magnanimous thank you to Roy McCarthy over at “Back on the Rock” for taking the time to review my humble book, “Everything’s Not Bigger”. This is beyond exciting for me as an emerging author and I am truly grateful for this amazing support.

Please stop by Roy’s blog and check the whole piece out. It is portrayed beautifully and honestly, just the way I like the written word to be.

Thanks again, Roy.

Back On The Rock

Sigourney Dujka runs with a bad crowd in urban Arizona. As with too many young people she is attracted by the excitement and becomes a part of city underlife and dependant on drugs and those that rob for it. She is offered an escape route – the unpalatable one of turning in her buddies in exchange for her freedom and full witness protection. It is one she takes.

Author Britt Skrabanek’s first twist is to introduce her main and always likeable character in her new life before regressing to her earlier days. Now we find her several years on in the retail trade, battling it out on the sales floor of a high-class Dallas fashion emporium for the custom of the oil-financed clientele, money no object. Skrabanek’s portrayal of life in the store and her fellow employees is priceless. Like it or not the women are part of the show…

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