How to Decline a Pushy Invitation From Black Friday

Step One: Write a letter. Be firm and sarcastic.

Step Two: Just for sport, go ahead and close a credit card today. I’m gonna.

10 thoughts on “How to Decline a Pushy Invitation From Black Friday

  1. I know some people live for black friday and the “bargains” that are so good that they can spend more money than they make. I refuse to herded, just like I refuse to capitalize “black friday”.

    1. Kudos for not having any cards to close, friend! Closing one on Black Friday was bittersweet for me. I doubt this particular monstrosity of a bank receives many of THOSE calls on the busiest shopping day of the year…LOL!

      I love zen habits – always innovative and inspiring. During the holidays we focus our energy on our loved ones by showering them with love instead of stuff. It’s the way to go.

      A “cheap and creative” holiday post is on the schedule…stay tuned.

  2. I gave up the credit card addiction a couple of years ago, they became bad for my health! lol Now I tell myself if I don’t have the cash in my pocket then I can’t buy, other than our debit cards… It makes life much easier with less sleepless nights πŸ™‚

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