Ooh, la la…more awards have arrived!

I’m blushing from head to toe. Really!

I received two more stellar awards from two stellar ladies. I am truly grateful to be honored with more love and encouragement from the blogging community.

The Sunshine Award

A big shout out to my radiant blogger Positive Boomer for honoring me with this award. To me, her blog is pure sunshine, so I am tickled that she considers me in the same cheerful company.

Some of you may have read Written by a 90 Year Old, which came from her blog. If you missed it, read it. You’ll love it!

To accept, I must answer 10 questions:

  1. Favorite color: Grey, Green
  2. Favorite animal: Cat, Cow (some of you met Ken during my last award post)
  3. Favorite number: 7
  4. Favorite drink: Water, Tea, Beer (converted after moving to Wisconsin, naturally)
  5. Favorite website: Yoga Journal (great tips for non-Yogis as well!)
  6. Passion: My beautiful husband, teaching movement, and it seems like I’m forgetting something…oh, that’s right! Writing.
  7. Prefer getting or giving presents: Don’t make me choose! Hey, I’m being real. I like presents!
  8. Favorite pattern:  Paisley (it’s all over my apartment)
  9. Favorite day of the week: Sunday
  10. Favorite flower: Cherry Blossoms

I must cheat a bit on all nominations as I am still new at blogging and cannot muster the required handful at the moment.

Here are two for the Sunshine Award:

  1. Live. Explore. Learn. Remember – Cool, fun couple living in S. Korea. They recently taught me about sock vending machines!
  2. Jessica Korteman – Another cool, fun couple. They live in Japan, and travel everywhere. Living the dream!

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

A big shout out to my fellow blogger The Emerald Maiden for honoring me with this award. She has a really warm, down-to-earth blog that you should check out. It’s always a relief to find people keeping it real!

To accept, I must say 7 things about myself:

  1. I bite my nails.
  2. I think film noir is fantastic.
  3. Australian accents are my favorite. I wish I had one.
  4. I rarely use a handbag. I use pockets or my backpack.
  5. I know how to dance the Highland Fling.
  6. I want to see the entire world before I die. That’s right, all of it!
  7. Teaching kids has helped me to clean up my dirty mouth. I now say things like “Oh goodness!” and “Fiddlesticks!”.

I would like to nominate the following three bloggers for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award:

  1. Doree Weller – A fellow writer with a kindred spirit.
  2. Figments of a Dutchess – She’s Dutch. She’s sassy.
  3. The R Premises – Random, angsty, and refreshingly different.

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