24 thoughts on “A Happy Dance For My Followers

      1. “Korea” and “Iceland” were my favorites….:) So you succeeded in your goal of spreading happiness especially as I was having a tough day, so thanks!

  1. Dancing for joy that you decided to follow my blog, Britt! Welcome! Also, your “happy dance” post here reminded me of another blogging friend, frizztext, who has been twitting (tweetin!) me to include a segment eventually in my critterly journey sagas about penguins and dolphins dancing with granbee and friends! Kicking up my heels today!

  2. Have a different style, a blog with great joy and that is good … from a faraway place and salute you much success in your blog …
    Paul Coelho a writer from Brazil wrote: Magic is a bridge that lets you go from visible to the invisible world. And learning the lessons of both worlds.

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