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5 Writing Podcasts That Will Totally Inspire You During NaNoWriMo

One thing is for damn sure this year…art has not been canceled as long as we keep making it. We’ve all been living in a topsy-turvy world, but thankfully, we still have traditions to ground us and distract us. National Novel Writing Month, lovingly known as NaNoWriMo, is one of those traditions.

Although I am not participating in NaNoWriMo, I love seeing the fantastic creative energy sweeping through the writing community as writers gear up for NaNoWriMo 2020.

I applaud the writers out there who are moving forward with their NaNoWriMo plans. It seems like the stars never quite align for me to participate in this challenge in November…this year is no exception.

What I am here to offer NaNoWriMo participants today is five writing podcasts that will support and inspire you throughout this challenging month. I have been honored to interview several incredible writers on Love Your Enthusiasm, so I thought I would round-up all of the writing-focused podcasts in one place for you all to enjoy.

So, grab your headphones and curl up with one, several, or all of these wonderful episodes as you venture into NaNoWriMo. I hope you get plenty of takeaways, tips, and motivational nuggets to support your writing journey through November and beyond.

love your enthusiasm victoria dougherty

Embracing a Creative Life with Victoria Dougherty

“The reason why most people feel like they’re about to give up is that they’ve worked so hard and they feel like they’re not there yet. And they don’t know if they’re ever going to get there. So, keep going. Because if you keep going, you might break through. You increase your chances of breaking through with each word.”

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Victoria Dougherty is fully living the creative life as an indie author of six books. She offers up a no-bullshit approach to inspire you to take a leap.

love your enthusiasm eden baylee

Discovering Truth Through Fiction with Eden Baylee

“Try not to take rejection to heart. Move forward, move on. There’s really no point in dwelling on it. Writers are not perfect and so we should see ourselves as having room to improve. Rejection is not going to stop me from writing because it’s what I love to do. Determination really is the key. Honing my craft every day will help me eventually rise to the top.”

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Eden Baylee, an author of erotica, flash fiction, and suspense, uses her fiction as a vehicle to discover truth and connect with people.

episode 14 marina sofia

Honoring Cross-Cultural Communication with Marina Sofia

“When I was 14 years old, I returned to Romania—this was just before the fall of the Berlin Wall and there was a communist dictatorship. A lot of films and books were banned and smuggled in. The only connection I had with the outside world was through reading books. Books transported me to another time and place…books gave me hope when I felt all the doors had closed.”

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Translator and Co-Founder of Corylus Books, Marina Sofia, believes books are a cornerstone of connection that highlights the universal human experience.episode 17 katrina naomi

Making Poetry More Accessible with Katrina Naomi

“Don’t try and sound poetic. Sound like you would sound if you were talking to me. We want to hear someone’s voice—for them to sound authentic and real. Write about the things that are important to you, not what you think is fashionable. Write about what speaks to you. Be yourself and be bold.”

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Katrina Naomi is an award-winning poet who is here to improve the accessibility of poetry and show that poetry truly is for everyone.

love your enthusiasm kate johnston

Tap Into Your Creative Forces with Kate Johnston

“When we’re not meeting our goals, we start thinking we’re terrible—that we suck at writing. If we bring it back to the mindset, and remember positive thinking can combat all those limiting beliefs, we get back into our natural state of: This is how I work. And this is what I need to be able to do my work.”

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For writing coach and author, Kate Johnston, creativity is all about the joy. By tapping into her creative forces, she has learned, healed, and evolved.

6 thoughts on “5 Writing Podcasts That Will Totally Inspire You During NaNoWriMo

  1. Oh wow, these are great shares. Am definitely going to check them out, but more importantly, I’m for sure going to go through your blog because I love everything about it, from its looks to your content. Thanks for this!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I loved our conversation and I’m looking forward to checking out these other podcasts!

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