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Why 2020 is Absolutely Worth Salvaging

2020 is a nightmare. 2020 is a bad year. 2020 is a mess. 2020 is a disaster. 2020 is a crazy year. 2020 is a dumpster fire. 2020 is canceled. These were the search results that came up a few months ago when I searched for “2020 is…”

My most recent “2020 is…” search gets us all into the Halloween spirit—a T-Shirt that shows a ghost in various poses framed by the phrase “2020 is BOO sheet.” (I fully acknowledge that this is both clever and funny.)

The 2020 tarring and feathering continues with the countless memes being applauded and shared on social media, all spreading the same dark humor. I’m not immune to the allure of these memes. I’ve shared some, I’ve liked some, I’ve chuckled over most of them. 

Everyone is labeling 2020 to try and understand the pain and confusion they have felt. Labels make something identifiable, organized…able to be compartmentalized. Humor is one of our favorite defense mechanisms, so it works especially well as we smile and slap a label on 2020. 

Through the sarcastic window, people sit, work, sleep, eat, love, cry, etc. inside their homes just praying for 2020 to be fucking over. Some got an early start and wrote off the year in the summer. Others are doing it now in October, thinking there’s light at the end of the tunnel…2021. 

I have to wonder about 2021 being that light at the end of the tunnel. How do we know that unwrapping the plastic and hanging a fresh new calendar on the wall is the answer? I certainly don’t know.

Whenever I feel negative, like I’ve been wronged somehow, I like to look at what I’ve learned during that time. This always helps me turn what I thought was a loss into something I’ve gained.

What have you gained this year? 

  • More time with someone or something you love? 
  • A greater understanding of yourself and the world?
  • An appreciation for life and everything in it?

I remember when the lockdown first started in Portland back in March. I went for a walk to my favorite nearby park to take in some trees. I was in the midst of several big projects while selling and packing my shit to move across the country to Milwaukee. Being productive during this unsettling time was damn-near impossible—I took regular walks, rain or shine, to clear my head.

What I noticed on those neighborhood walks was something I will never forget…parents outside with their kids. It took me several walks to figure out why this quite ordinary human observation was so startling. 

I realized it was because I wasn’t used to seeing a dad smiling with his daughter on her tricycle at 11:30am on a Wednesday. Because he would have been at the office, just like my dad was when I was a kid. 

I went to morning and afternoon daycare and summer camps. Quality time with my dad happened during the ride to and from school and the occasional dance class. I often prayed for traffic, so we could be stuck in the car together longer. I pretended to be sick to miss my dance class (something I loved more than anything) so me and dad could grab dinner and watch a movie instead. 

I loved my dad and always wanted to hang out more. I look back and I know why I felt like we never spent enough time together…because we didn’t and couldn’t.

2020 is not canceled. There are still a few months left this year. 2020 is still salvageable—there is much to learn from our experiences and much to gain from our losses.

love your enthusiasm aura martinez

The latest episode of Love Your Enthusiasm with self-discovery and empowerment coach, Aura Martinez, is like a 2020 wellbeing toolkit.

2020 has led many of us—perhaps reluctantly—to walk a path of self-discovery. Aura will help you not just power through the rest of the year, but really sit with it, embrace it, and learn from it…listen now.

13 thoughts on “Why 2020 is Absolutely Worth Salvaging

  1. All too often, I think, we can fall into the trap of complaining, and understandably moreso now that the world we knew has been turned upside down, and for many people brought about really drastic and and in many cases dire change. Still I believe one of the most life affirming and helpful things we can do is focus on the positive. I don’t mean at the expense of feeling quite legitimate feelings of fear and grief and loss, but do it as well as. And you gave a perfect example – quality time with dad! Lovely post Britt.

    1. Agreed, Alison! I’ve been worried about coming off “too positive” this year with my writing and my podcast. I definitely have experienced lows and I acknowledge that I am in a much kinder position than many others right now. Still, I think we need to focus on the positive and continue lifting each other up. Otherwise, this year is just too much to handle.

  2. Yes, please! Let’s see the glass half-full, even though it might be difficult to do so. I want 2020 to be as awesome as possible in spite of lockdown, virus, quarantine, trips canceled and curfews. I want people to be safe, to be mindful, to reset their goals, to create something new…

    Listening to Aura and you in this episode was very fun! Thanks!

    1. You are always my “glass half-full” gal and I love that about you. 2020 has definitely been nuts, but I think we have all learned a lot about ourselves. Like you said, this year has been an opportunity for mindfulness and reinvention.

      Glad you’re enjoying Aura’s episode. She is such a kind person!

  3. Great post with a positive narrative that paints a vivid picture. I couldn’t agree more, especially since 20/20 equates to vision and good vision. It is a year of reflection and to see clearly the things that matter. We have been chasing the material world and fighting the economical fear so much, we lost perspective and not appreciated the very thing that matters. Relationships on all levels. Thank you for sharing.

      1. This is my hope too. I think I need to post the reflections where I can see them so they are before my eyes and may stay at the forefront of my mind. Thank you for sparking this needed discussion

  4. Weirdly enough, 2020 hasn’t been all “suck” for me. I bought a new car and landed an awesome new job. I’m sure I’m the exception to the rule, though.

    I fear we may have to wait until 2022 until things really begin to change for the better. Pending the outcome of this election, of course.

    1. Always glad to hear positive things are happening for people this year. 2020 has not been all “suck” for me either, so I am trying my best to be there for people as much as possible and share (hopefully) motivational content along the way.

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