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Love Your Enthusiasm with Ashley Douglas

Through all of the ups and downs of 2020, many of us have been spending more time at home than ever before. As a result, we’re also spending more time in the kitchen. It seemed like the perfect time to introduce you all to vegetarian chef, Ashley Douglas, who is my guest on Love Your Enthusiasm this week.

I know Ashley from our corporate retail days, back when I used to support our corporate wellness program by teaching yoga in the corner of a gigantic, messy conference room. Whenever Ashley walked into that dark room, she quite literally lit up the room with her energy.

Corporate yoga classes ended when I moved to Portland—and soon after, Ashley also left Milwaukee to live in Dallas (my old stomping grounds where my entire family happens to live). Little did I know, she loves okra just as much as I do.

I kept in touch with Ashley on social media and followed her over the years. Along the way, I noticed she started a vegetarian food blog called Frobulous Veggies. And even though I am not a vegetarian myself, I have truly enjoyed catching her cooking videos—which are refreshingly fun to watch…even if I’m not cooking.

Back in the day, we had the yoga student/teacher relationship and we never really knew each other. Having Ashley on the show was such a heartwarming experience and I am so happy to share her love for cooking with all of you today. In Ashley’s words, “Half the battle with feeling better is eating better.”

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Cook to Feel Fabulous with Ashley Douglas

For vegetarian chef Ashley Douglas, food is not only her creative outlet and form of self-expression but also a crucial way she connects with others.

For many people, cooking can feel like a bit of a drag…Ashley is on a mission to change that. She wants to show people how to bring more fun into the kitchen and embrace their inner chefs. With a focus on feeling good inside and out, her food nourishes both body and soul.

Ashley’s approach to cooking is exploratory and encouraging. Ashley reminds us that food offers a chance to tell a story about who we—and that no matter how full our plates are, we must always make room for ourselves.

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You give someone a plate and the expression that they get from eating good food is so fulfilling. It’s almost like you have a little piece of my heart on a plate. That’s the piece I love about sharing my recipes…it makes me feel good.

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