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Love Your Enthusiasm with Eden Baylee

Determination is key when you’re a fiction author. Writing is pretty loveless and isolating—it’s just us against our vast imaginative worlds. Eden Baylee left a twenty-year banking career to become a full-time author, so she knows what it takes. She is dedicated and truthful…and she’s my guest on Love Your Enthusiasm today.

I could go on gushing about Eden forever. We’ve been blogging and writing friends for many, many years. What I’ve always loved about Eden is something I couldn’t describe before, until she came on the show.

When I asked Eden about her enthusiasm, she said: “Discovering Truth Through Fiction.” That would be our jumping-off point for the discussion. But, it also helped me figure out what I loved about Eden…her truthfulness—the raw beauty she possesses.

It hasn’t been easy to have intimate conversations with people over the past few months for Love Your Enthusiasm. All of us have been impacted by 2020 events. Creative people are still trying to love, create, and hope through all of this. Many of us lost our enthusiasm—we’re either hanging onto it for dear life or trying to win it back.

I’m thankful to guests like Eden, who agreed to be a part of this podcast during such insanely difficult times. To share positivity and inspiration, even if they had to search deep inside themselves to unearth these qualities, even if they had to literally push forward to speak into a mic.

Enjoy your time getting to know Eden—rediscovering whatever it is that makes you enthusiastic about life and discovering your own truth along the way.

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Discovering Truth Through Fiction with Eden Baylee

Eden Baylee, an author of erotica, flash fiction, and suspense, uses her fiction as a vehicle to discover truth and connect with people.

Infusing truth and reality into her work is the best way Eden knows to connect with her readers. Through her stories, she has always believed in using writing to strengthen the human connection.

She discusses the many influences that have shaped her fiction, including her passions for music and travel. She gets into the details of her constant quest for improvement as a writer, including how she protects her creative energy, refines her technique, and continues to embrace flexibility with genres.

Eden encourages you to learn from life’s lessons—but not dwell on things—and to keep doing what you love no matter how many times you face rejection or self-doubt.

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There is a great sense of reward in connecting to somebody through your work. Discovering truth in my fiction is discovering how I can relate to people through my writing. As human beings, we are all seeking ways to connect to one another. Now more than ever, connection is the common narrative that unites us.

5 thoughts on “Love Your Enthusiasm with Eden Baylee

  1. So appreciate being part of your show Britt. It was my pleasure to talk to you and share a bit about life in these strange times.

    Although I always cringe while listening to my voice on any podcast, I love listening to YOU. You are a consummate professional and bring out the best in your guests. I’ve learned a lot from your shows and look forward to more!


    1. Strange times indeed. All the more reason for us to connect and share!

      Everyone cringes while listening to their own voice, myself included. You have a fabulous podcasting voice though, so there! 🙂

      Thank you for the compliments. I am so happy to hear all of that, especially that you are leaning good shit from others. That’s the goal! xo

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