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Love Your Enthusiasm with Sada Naegelin

2020 has taught us one thing…showing up for ourselves has never been more critical.

Sada Naegelin is on Love Your Enthusiasm today, talking about this very subject. She is a contemporary dancer and the Co-Founder of De Las Mías, a healthy Latina lifestyle app and community. She runs this business with her mother, Ana, who is another phenomenal woman.

I first met Sada through my other business, Superneat Marketing. Sada was a client of mine—we worked together for a couple of years to get De Las Mías off the ground on the content side of things.

I don’t typically become friends with my clients, but I couldn’t help it with Sada. We shared too much in common not to.

We started dancing around the same age—she was nine and I was ten. We’d rather be performing than practicing. We both are deeply passionate about wellness, self-love, and women empowerment.

I always love talking to Sada and I know you’ll love getting to know her in this wonderful conversation. After listening to this beautiful episode with Sada, you’ll feel more motivated to show up for yourself so you can show up for everything else in your life. Happy listening!

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The Art of Showing Up for Yourself with Sada Naegelin

Sada Naegelin is a contemporary dancer and the Co-Founder of De Las Mías…community and connection always have and always will keep filling her cup.

Sada first performed when she was nine years old. Continuing her passion for physicality and artistic expression as a wife and mother, she has consistently performed well into her adult years—including when she was 7-months pregnant with her daughter.

Making a positive impact is just what Sada does, whether she is sharing her magnetic dance choreography or empowering the underserved Latina community to live healthier and more joyful lives.

How do you fill your cup? Sada is here to motivate you to stop pushing through life and start showing up for yourself.

Listen Now

When you’re giving and caring for people, you’re putting out a lot of energy. You need to figure out what those things are that fill up your cup of energy again. How do you fill yourself back up so you can show up in the best possible way for your loved ones and your responsibilities?

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