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Love Your Enthusiasm with Juliann Wetz

I know many of us are missing travel, whether we canceled trips already this year or we are waiting to see what will happen months from now with future bookings. Armchair travel and virtual city tours became the only way to leave our homes, but they can obviously only take us so far.

Another way to travel is to hear from travel enthusiasts who have been around the world multiple times and love to share amazing stories from pre-COVID times. Which is why I’m so excited to bring you this podcast today, as travel blogger Juliann Wetz of Browsing the Atlas is on Love Your Enthusiasm.

For the past 8 years, Juliann has been documenting and sharing all of her travel experiences on Browsing the Atlas. I’ve been blogging buddies with her since the beginning and I have always enjoyed her approach. Rather than the usual aspirational travel content, she explores lesser-known excursions and activities that I find both interesting and entertaining.

On the show, Juliann shares tons of great ideas for traveling closer to home and encourages us to continue to hold onto what we love about travel. If you’re struggling with the what-ifs of travel, Juliann will help you hang in there this year…and not lose hope.

juliann wetz travel blogger

Holding the Magic of Travel with Juliann Wetz

Juliann Wetz has always been a writer, but she found her true calling when she started sharing the magic of travel through her blog, Browsing the Atlas.

Juliann has traveled to 39 countries and counting—including Estonia, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Liechtenstein, and Honduras—and she has kept a written record of every travel experience. She discusses her evolution as a travel enthusiast, from being the person that used to do everything to slowing down and taking the time to process, reflect, and fully enjoy.

The magic of travel is never lost on Juliann, and she encourages you to hold onto your love for travel as we look ahead to post-COVID times.

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The way I like to express myself the best is through writing. I would write about travel even if not a single person ever read it. I put my travel adventures down on paper in so many different ways—a journal, my travel blog, and postcards. It’s just something that I need to do for myself.

As promised, I did finally write a Britt blog after a bit of a hiatus from pouring all of my energy into Love Your Enthusiasm. After you listen to Juliann’s podcast, kick back with my recent blog…When Life Feels Like a Circus

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