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Everything’s Not Bigger is Now Available in Paperback

“Fiction is the lie through which we tell the truth.” Albert Camus’ words came to mind as I prepared my third novel, Everything’s Not Bigger, for its rerelease as a paperback edition. (In case you’ve been waiting around since the ebook published WAY back in 2012, today you can finally grab a print copy.)

Fiction is just as real as non-fiction in so many aspects. What makes fiction impactful are the real moments and people we infuse into each story. Even when I wrote my historical fiction novels, Nola Fran Evie and Beneath the Satin Gloves, I brought in life experiences to make the stories more authentic.

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The difference with Everything’s Not Bigger is that I wrote a contemporary novel for the first time. I based most of it on my life, to tell my truth through a lie. Yes, there were fabrications that needed to happen. And no, I was never in the witness protection program…but I almost was.

Almost ending up in the witness protection program rattled me enough to change my life. It inspired me to write this novel as a form of therapy and recovery. Even though Everything’s Not Bigger is my underdog, I’m happy I had the courage to write this one.

Should you wish to check out Everything’s Not Bigger, below you will find the Amazon purchase link, along with a recent review.

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Buy It Now

This novel tells the story of Jaye, a woman growing increasingly despondent over her superficial, isolated life as a fashion store attendant in Dallas. To make matters worse, Jaye is guarding a dangerous secret and the years running from her past have taken a toll on her.

The author takes a unique approach to revealing what caused Jaye to enter Witness Protection and how this impacts her in the present. While there are certainly dark elements in this book, it is a breeze to read and I finished it in one sitting.

There’s a romance plot that emerges in the latter stages of Everything’s Not Bigger that is sure to appeal to many readers. One aspect of this novel I particularly enjoyed was the way in which the author portrayed the main locations, including Dallas. The details she included really helped to bring Jaye’s predicament to life.”

Thanks to everyone who has given me social media and blog love lately. And, thank you all for bearing with me as I’ve been deep in book promotion mode these past few months. My usual blog posts will be returning soon.

16 thoughts on “Everything’s Not Bigger is Now Available in Paperback

  1. I honestly don’t know how anyone can read the description of this novel and its reviews and not want to read it! Albert Camus is my favorite existentialist writer—having been in the French Resistance, his philosophy of the absurd, his love of theater, his reading of the works of Dostoevsky and Nietzsche—well prepared him to understand this truth of the lie. Congratulations on the launch of your three wonderful novels into paperback!

    1. Aw, thank you! I dunno. Likely the only time I’ll ever write a contemporary fiction novel anyway. It is what it is, right?

      You know more about Albert Camus than I ever will…ha! I just loved the quote. I should look into his life more. Sounds like an interesting fellow!

      Thank you for the congrats! You have always been there for me. xo

    1. It is, yes. More of a “what if” with how far I took things. I always say this was my therapeutic book. They all are in their own ways. But, ENB was a solid life exercise for me.

  2. OMG, I was scrolling quickly past your header and I swear that upside down heel looks like a peeled banana! My first thought was what in the world does a banana have to do with Everything’s Not Bigger? This I gotta know! lol.

  3. Mary Jo hit it on the head! I love your creative mind, and I also love how you present yourself to your writer friends. We know you write and write exceptionally well. You don’t sock us over the head with promotion, but we know where we can find it. And we know we WANT to find it!

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