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Beneath the Satin Gloves is Now Available in Paperback

Excited to share the rerelease of “my firstborn” as a paperback edition. I wrote Beneath the Satin Gloves in 2012, a time when I didn’t know squat about writing fiction. Because I knew I could do better with my work, a few years ago I re-edited and rereleased my first book. Flash forward to present day, I’m overjoyed to finally bring Beneath the Satin Gloves into print.

As many of you know, I have been painstakingly turning my three ebooks into paperback editions since last summer. Last month I rereleased Nola Fran Evie in print. Just last week the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League shared the book with their 11,000+ Facebook fans, which was a starstruck experience for me. I dedicated the novel to the AAGPBL, so it was wonderful to connect with their organization and their fans.

Although my books have been out for a while, they didn’t seem real until now. Paperback editions of novels are truly an unbeatable reading experience. Holding each book in my hands has been a special moment for me, especially when I held my baby…my oldest…Beneath the Satin Gloves.

There are many WWII stories of brave women who fought to protect peace, freedom, love, and the continuation of the human race. But, we don’t hear them enough. I wanted to do my small part in celebrating these women when I wrote Beneath the Satin Gloves.

beneath the satin gloves book

The main character, Alina Feuer, is a lounge singer in Berlin. She revolts against the atrocities happening in her homeland by becoming a spy for the Allies. She embodies the glamorous femme fatale, but she is also an ordinary woman—one who actually time travels from present day to wake up in WWII as a spy.

Alina leverages her fame, and an important connection with a high-ranking SS officer, to deliver secret information to the Allies. She is both scared and determined to see her mission through, and of course, to survive.

Below is a recent review on Amazon UK that made me smile, along with the Amazon link to the paperback if you would like a copy of Beneath the Satin Gloves.

beneath the satin gloves britt skrabanek

Buy It Now

Although time travel isn’t usually a go-to genre for me (I find it’s too often spoiled by the usual tropes, cultural inaccuracies and philosophical blundering!), I have to hand it to Skrabanek.

Beneath the Satin Gloves is a brilliantly written addition to this genre, holding the tension between the past and present without letting either get out of hand or go overlooked. The spy element of this book is brilliant too—not at all the usual mystery plots or espionage tale, this novel is full of unexpected turns and well-written character development/revelation.

All of which brings me to the setting. World War Two is a common enough subject for fiction these days, and so my hopes were not terribly high with regards to this element of the book. However, Skrabanek has successfully given her own twist to the subject, writing from the perspective of a female spy working to bring down Nazi Germany from the inside.

The confusion of the protagonist at being placed in this situation (having come from the present era) made this a particularly enjoyable read, as it allowed Skrabanek to explore the themes of the novel from an unabashedly modern perspective without fear of historical discrepancies.”

Thank you to all of my longtime supporters and new readers that have come into my life during this paperback rerelease process. Writing is a lonely endeavor and your support continually energizes me to keep pushing.

13 thoughts on “Beneath the Satin Gloves is Now Available in Paperback

    1. Haha, thanks! I finally got up off my butt is more like it. Been wanting these paperback editions for ages. Excited to see them come to life.

      Thank you for all of your support, as always.

  1. Your novel was one of the first I read set in WWII, and it seems to have been at the forefront of so many published in that time frame. Of course yours has that fun twist 🙂 So delighted your novels have made it into print.

    1. MJ! Your first WWII novel…really? I had no idea. WWII is a popular era, it seems. Such an interesting pivot in history, especially women’s history, so it always fascinates me.

      Thank you for your support all these years. xo

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