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The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Alexandra

People always amaze me, the way they can feel so much and do so many things. And, there are some very amazing people I am fortunate to know who live life differently…they seize it.

The Life Enthusiast Chronicles has been on vacation since June, but now the series is back in town. One Life Enthusiast has been on my mind for a while, because she has been making me smile on Twitter for some time.

Today Alexandra Jonsson from Sweden, who many of you know on Twitter as @Treememories, is here to enlighten us with her enthusiasm.


Whether she’s making us laugh with her storytelling tweets or inspiring us with her beautiful thoughts, Alexandra is a pure Life Enthusiast. It’s just in her nature—and it shines through her words.

When I asked her to be on the Life Enthusiast Chronicles, Alexandra told me she had never written a blog before. That was when I realized…whoa, she doesn’t have a website either. I never noticed, because she had been using Twitter to write these mini-blogs for so long.

So, this is a very exciting day indeed. Let’s give Alexandra a warm welcome into the blogging community!

Connect with Alexandra on Twitter.

Inspire us, Alexandra!

What Makes Me Enthusiastic About Life
A Self-Evaluation, More or Less Serious and Silly

Of course, the first answer that popped into my head about what makes me enthusiastic about life is my children.

My second answer is people—well, perhaps not if someone is being a jerk, then I won’t be very enthusiastic about him or her. Also, not if I have to stand and talk in front of a bunch of people.

You see, I’m shy. Most people I meet say: “You’re shy?! No, you’re not.”

But yes, I am. I have a tendency to blush and I don’t really speak about myself, or give anyone I don’t know personal information. I steer the conversation to focus on them, letting me hide behind their words.

I’m certainly not silent—I smile and laugh and make comments, but I hardly ever put myself in the spotlight.

paper bag over head

Like, that whole speaking in front of a bunch of people problem. Kind people have given me advice that I should picture my audience in their underwear, or even naked.

OMG that is not helping! How on earth would that make me blush less?

Nakedness of strangers usually makes anyone blush, especially if the naked person is, how should I put this—you know…well…hot. And because I’m a writer I also have a vivid imagination, which immediately creates a scenario where after my speech I have to mingle and network with my naked audience.

I mean, what do you say to a naked person? Is it…

“Oh, I like your chest hair very much. How do you make it so curly?”
“I just love your skin colour! It matches your eyes so beautifully.”

will ferrell basketball

No, no, no and no. That’s terrible advice to give to a writer! Our imagination is way too vivid to deal with that. I’d much rather blush my way through an entire speech looking at a fully clothed audience—thank you very much.

But, apart from these two scenarios where I’m not very enthusiastic about people, I’m otherwise very enthusiastic about them.

You see, when I first started my university studies I studied to become an archaeologist. It was very fun the first week, as I dusted dirt and was digging my way down towards the hidden treasures beneath us.

Then I found it was more exciting to speak to other archaeologists from our host country and the “diggers,” as we called the men who dug down to our level.

After a while the diggers’ muscles got quite big—it was summer and it was hot. Let’s just say it was pretty difficult for us girls to stay focused while the shirtless diggers were working. Then we spent most of our time hanging out with the diggers instead of working on the 2,000 year-old-roof we were all there for in the first place.


When the summer was over we went back to cold Sweden, and we buried ourselves in our studies, hidden deep in the library. I knew I didn’t want to only work with people in the summer, and spend the rest of the year in some dusty library surrounded by dead men’s words and their remains.

It was then I realised that I was enthusiastic about people. So I became a teacher.

All of a sudden, I was surrounded by people who were constantly talking, asking, calling—not only during the day, but also in the evening and first thing in the morning. I decided that teaching wasn’t my cup of tea.

Then my friend said to me: “Write!”

So, I did.


It’s not that I hadn’t written before in my life, because I have always written in every possible way, genre, and form. But when she said that magical word “Write!” I started to write for real. And I was so enthusiastic about this, and I still am.

I love to create imaginary people and their stories, based on people and situations I have encountered—men and women and children, and jerks and bunches of people (hopefully clothed!). I find inspiration in so many people.

People I have watched get on a bus or I have driven by in my car, and people who have made me smile, laugh and feel. Characters I have seen in an actor who interprets them in such an interesting way. Musicians listening to music they have created to express themselves, artists looking at a finished painting they have poured their souls into, or authors sharing their deepest thoughts and feelings through words.

This is why I’m so enthusiastic about people, and that’s what’s make me enthusiastic about life. Because if there were no other people, then what would life be like?

34 thoughts on “The Life Enthusiast Chronicles with Alexandra

  1. That’s true, it can be easy for writers to be enthusiastic about people, especially once they’ve been turned into characters (or if they happen to be naked)! I’ve always wondered about that advice to picture your audience naked too. That could be really distracting.

    1. 😄 Distracting indeed. That’s a very weird advice. Most people would feel a bit uncomfortable if the audience suddenly got naked during a speech etc. Thank you for reading the blog 😊 Have a great Tuesday 🌞

  2. Alexandra is a wonderful life enthusiast to showcase here. I love following her on Twitter. She’s so supportive of other writers and tweeps, and she has a very caring heart as her frequent Unicef tweets show. And she’s funny too! Wonderful post, Alexandra, and thanks for showcasing her, Britt!

    1. Carrie, you are one of the kindest and funniest people I have the pleasure of knowing on Twitter. Thank you very much for the praise 😊 ❤ It made me smile. I love your tweets and blog, and books of course. Twitter wouldn’t be the same without your funny and/or interesting tweets. Thank you for reading my blog here on Britt’s blog 😊 Have a wonderful autumn day 🍁

  3. Fantastic! Like you, I’ve admired Alexandra on Twitter for years. I agree, she’s a great candidate for Life Enthusiast Chronicles. She’s a light in the world, and she’s got a great sense of humor!
    I like the bit about people watching. Some people just look or sound like a story, and it’s good to collect those bits from our imagination 🙂

    1. To my favourite Joey:
      Thank you very much for your praise ❤ You’re such an inspiration when it comes to blog-writing and it’s such a shame I have so little time to read them. I love them and think you captures life so wonderfully. Every time I have read one of your blogs I always say to my husband “She’s writing what I think, feel and so often about how my life is like too.”
      Thank you very much for reading my blog ❤ Have a wonderful Tuesday dearest Joey 🌹

  4. Alexandra celebrates enthusiasm in every one of her tweets. She captured my imagination with her name @treememories. People who love trees understand the stories of the past and how they weave the narratives of the present. Thank you Alexandra for spreading compassion and joy in our amazing community. When I first met Alexandra the quote (and you all know I love quotes) that came to me was: “Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” Khalil Gibran. Another great Life Enthusiast Post, Britt.

    1. To my very sweet Rebecca:
      Thank you very much for the praise and for that beautiful quote ❤ Your kind words made me smile 😊 And thank you as well for being a part of our community. Your photos and quotes make our days brighter. I love them. I’m very happy we found each other in this huge sea of people which Twitter is. Thank you for reading this blog. Have a wonderful day 🌺

  5. I have not had the fortune of knowing Alexandra via tweeting, and apparently I am missing out–according to all the comments above! Egad–I hate being left out of fun, exciting things. Just based on her Twitter handle, I know I’ll like her tweets! 🙂 I shall go follow her immediately!

    Great Life Enthusiast post, Britt and Alexandra!

    1. To Kate with a beautiful smile:
      Thank you very much 😊 I will follow you back of course. And thank you for reading the blog. Have a wonderful day 🌼

  6. Alexandra sounds like a load of fun and I’m heading over to twitter now to follow her. An archaeologist? Wow – that will certainly come in handy when writing those novels 🙂

    1. Dianne, thank you 😊 That’s very kind of you to say (well, write actually). And yes, being an archaeologist comes in handy when writing. So many lives, thoughts and stories which inspire me. Thank you for reading the blog. Have a beautiful day 🌻

  7. Hi everyone,
    I’ve tried to reply to your comments (so far) but because I’m new here on wordpress I don’t know if you got them or if I managed to send them correctly. Let me know if I didn’t succeed. I also thought for a moment, or rather a few quite long moments, that it’s Tuesday today and not Wednesday, so if I wrote have a good Tuesday-wish, I meant Wednesday of course. Replying at 7 in the morning can be difficult, apparently. But no matter what, I hope everyone will have a good day whether it’s Tuesday or Wednesday 🌞

    1. Hey, Alexandra! I just approved your comments, so they have all been pushed through! Once I have approved your comment once, you are free to comment whenever on my blog—I forgot to mention that I have that safety measure and I was asleep while you were responding. You’re doing a lovely job. xo

      1. No problem 😊 I was just a bit insecure because computers and I aren’t a good combination. They seem to dislike me.

        Thank you beautiful ❤

  8. What a beautifully written piece, Alexandra! It’s wonderful that you allowed yourself to find the career that worked best for you… We must follow our passions in life!

    1. Thank you dear Letizia ❤ And also a thank you for being one of the enthusiastic people we’re lucky to have in our community.

  9. Alexandra is so right in the way she sees people (not naked!) and how they make us enthusiastic about life itself. Such a shame she doesn’t have a blog to follow, because I don’t have Twitter and don’t want to add twitting on my list of things to do during the day. But I’m happy you introduced her to us and made me smile while reading.
    Is there a title of a book by Alexandra that you’d recommend reading?

    Happy life to all!

    1. Hi,

      This is Alexandra writing. Thank you very much for your praise 😊 My first book is on the way to get published. It’s called Tree memories if you’re interested. Unfortunately I don’t have a date yet.
      Thank you for reading the blog. Have a great day 🌻

      1. Wonderful, Alexandra! I’ll keep the title in mind so I can have a read! I trust Britt when she finds authors 😉 their books are more often than not very good ones, I’m sure you will be no exception!
        Have a lovely enthusiastic day yourself! ☉☉

  10. What a wonderful post from Alexandra. I can relate to so much she has to say. Trying different things is the fruit a writer picks along the way. Thanks, Britt, for introducing her!

  11. And here’s me thinking that everyone in Sweden runs around in the snow with nothing on 🙂 Happy to meet you via Britt’s page Alexandra and look forward to reading your book in due course.

    1. Hahaha 😄 And with those words you show you have a writer’s vivid imagination 👍
      Thank you for reading the blog and your kind words 😊 Have a great day ⛄/Alexandra

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