We are not different. We are alive. Together.

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I was going to wait until later in the week to post the 2nd anniversary video of The Life Enthusiast Chronicles. Due to the uncertainty enveloping so many hearts after the recent attacks in Paris, I couldn’t wait.

If there is ever a time for us to come together, that’s now. One way we can rise above this tragedy is through positivity. And though it cannot undo what has been done, positivity has a way of healing us even when we feel lost.

I began The Life Enthusiast Chronicles on a whim two years ago. I wanted to start a monthly series where people were challenged by a theme that would bring out their truest human nature and exude inspiration.

Life enthusiasm was that theme. Specifically, to answer one question: What makes you enthusiastic about life?

I’ve been told by almost every Life Enthusiast—who are all brilliant writers—that this is one of the hardest things they’ve ever written.

Interesting, isn’t it? That a seemingly simple question can challenge us on such a deep, personal level.

But, it makes sense. How often do we stop to ask that question? If you asked yourself right now, what would you say?

The first year of the Life Enthusiast series opened my eyes to so many possibilities, reminding me (and many of you out there) how much beauty resides in all of us. The second year I noticed something else as another group of people from completely different backgrounds and places came together to answer the same question.

We are not different. No matter our age, our race, our profession, or our language, we share the same human qualities and we share the same sky.

We are alive. Together.

For the one-year anniversary celebration of The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, I used my own voice to speak the wonderful words of each Life Enthusiast. (If you missed that video, it’s right here.)

This year for the anniversary video, the Life Enthusiasts were kind enough to lend me their voices to accompany their words. Though it took some persuasion, everyone (but one) was able to come together to create 3 1/2 minutes of sheer positivity.

In addition to the wonderful people who participated in the first season of The Life Enthusiast Chronicles, here is a loving thank you to all of the beautiful writers who helped make this inspirational series come alive this year.











(though dearly missed in the video)


51 thoughts on “We are not different. We are alive. Together.

    1. I’ve mastered iMovie a bit over the years for this little blog. Also, secretly I’ve always wanted to direct films. I do that in my own way with fiction…MUCH cheaper and easier than making indie films!

    1. Thank you, Gallivanta love! It’s very cool hearing voices with so many writers we’ve only read before, isn’t it?

      Last year I went in order for the video and you were the final quote, something that worked out perfectly, I remember. This year I mixed it up, and Kath’s part was perfect for the close.

      1. My sister had a strange day where she had a visit from Toni Childs at her yoga class today, she sang for them and then hugged everybody. Quite a bizarre experience but my sister was inspired by her and she texted me because after that amazing day she read your post with all those wonderful quotes. How cool is life, pretty darn cool!

  1. Excellent Britt, well produced. Very timely. We all have so much in common and and differences are skin deep and superficial. Maybe when the world grows up we’ll all understand that.

  2. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years of the Life Enthusiast posts! Good for you for staying on top of the series; I know how difficult that can be. I love the video, it’s very moving, especially considering the world circumstances.

  3. Thank you so much, Britt. Your simple question haunted me, made me wonder why, opened my soul and finally made me smile. I still think of that question as I go through life and see the tragedies and hope around the world. You are amazing!

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