facebook celebrate prideYesterday was a historic day for the United States. No matter who you are or what your beliefs are, there was no escaping the celebration. Because love won.

As we were sitting at the bar last night, out on the town with so many other Portlanders, I knew I had to come back from my summer blogging break to say a little something.

Though I have always been “straight”, many of the people I have been closest too throughout my life have been “gay”.

I cherish the times I spent laughing my ass off with my awesome dancer friends backstage, kickin’ it with my wonderful boys in downtown Dallas, and dancing like mad at Pridefest with my incredible coworker.

We went through some really tough times together too. All of them had stories about their struggle for acceptance in the world—as they grew up, as they told their families, as they braved the corporate world.

Thankfully my friends made it through. But others were lost along the way to addiction and even suicide.

Their sexual preferences made absolutely no difference to me. All of them were my friends, and I’m not the type of gal that let’s a lot of people in.

I let them into my life, because they were so genuine, kind, and fun. Some of the best times of my life happened with these beautiful friends. Mr. H and I met through our “gay” friends and had our first date at a “gay” club.

When I was working at a big name retail store last year, doing that job was pretty much the last thing I wanted to do. After we moved across the country, I was job hunting like crazy and I needed to pay the bills.

Last May I had an unforgettable experience. I helped the sweetest middle-aged “lesbian” couple pick out a wedding dress.

Oregon had just passed same-sex marriage and they were in a huge rush. Though I had a blast running around the entire store with them, picking out accessories to go with the dress,  I had to ask: “Why are you in such a hurry?”

They stopped and their smiles fell. “Because we’re afraid they’re going to change their minds.”

To the gals out there, I have this to say…you don’t have to feel afraid or apart. You don’t have to wait anymore. Celebrate your love.

To the boys out there, I have this to say…you don’t have to feel afraid or apart. You don’t have to wait anymore. Celebrate your love.

britt and kyle

One of my longtime friends, Kyle, said something on Facebook that made me teary-eyed on the city sidewalk last night.

“Thanks for being an ally. But most of all, thanks for being you. Love you both! Miss u!”

I will always be an ally for people like Kyle and I will always be an ally for love. There is no space in my heart for hate, and perhaps one day there will be no space in our world for hate.

Yesterday was a historic day, a day of hope when love kicked some ass.

(I realize this is a touchy subject for some, so I ask that you refrain from commenting on this blog if you have something negative to say. Positive comments are absolutely welcome. #LoveWins )

37 thoughts on “#LoveWins

  1. Heaven knows the world needs more love! As I said on my Facebook page, I’m glad that so many people can now have the same rights my husband and I have enjoyed for so many years.

  2. Well said Britt. There’s no denying the joy and happiness that the Supreme Court ruling (following close on Ireland’s referendum) have brought to many people. It is entirely correct. I can’t help believing though that the institution of marriage is flawed and outdated and I wish there could be equality without having to legally commit with the probability that it will end in tears sooner or later. Not always of course, but often enough.

    1. I hear ya, Roy. Mr. H and I always joke around about marriage, wondering how and why we ended up doing it such a long time ago. We were young and crazy, but luckily things are working out. I know that’s not the case for many though.

  3. This decision took me by surprise, as I never thought it would happen so soon, but I’m very glad our American friends can now join us in getting married if they want to 🙂

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