Jumpstart Your Summer Reading…Nola Fran Evie is 99 cents!

nola fran evie amazon

That’s right, darlings! I know we’re all ready to kick this summer into high gear, so I thought a Nola Fran Evie sale was a must.

Beginning today through Friday (6/3-6/5), you can snag Nola Fran Evie on Amazon for the ridiculous bargain price of $0.99!



If you’re a newbie around here, you can catch up on the background/inspiration behind the story with this homemade indie video by yours truly…

If you prefer comedy, you can watch the bloopers…

If you’re the skeptical type, you can read this and other glowing reviews for my little book on Goodreads…

Working Girl Meets A League of Their Own Meets Mad Men

Not in a superficially descriptive way but quintessentially—as personality forged in the furnace of time. Nola, Fran and Evie sense their lives are dominated by fate, but who they love and how they live actually affect their era (pun intended). How we earn a living and who we sport or consort with are reflections of our culture, yet our choices also affect that culture.

From WWII to postwar boom and beyond, from the demise of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League to their current vicissitudes, our title characters reinvent themselves in order to survive and thrive. Nola is our graceful, farm fresh beauty with confidence and too much common sense; Fran is the pretty but feisty tomboy contemplating whether the American dream is meant for her; and Evie is more than merely a natural blond stunner and discomfited Chicago socialite.

While their authenticity begins in the League, it matures when they accidentally meet years later. We follow their journey through the reveries of Jacks, our fortuitous guide, on the cusp of her own life altering decision. Alone in her apartment—with an “invisible” neighbor down the hall, and a diabolical cat performing acrobatics among her moving boxes—Jacks’ serendipitous discoveries in a vintage handbag offer up clues to the unconventional lives of Nola, Fran and Evie, including the men who either dominate or delight them.

It’s the particular genius of our author, to weave the perplexing with the piquant and the heartbreaking with humor, so I was absolutely never let down. The pace is exquisite. Able to richly portray cultural details combined with sexual energy and relevant social commentary, Britt Skrabanek is in top form with her newest novel. This is a thoroughly modern story with a fantastic filmic quality which lingers long after the final page is turned. You’re sure to identify with one or more of her fully drawn characters, but be prepared for immersion in something much more provocative than escapist reading.

11 thoughts on “Jumpstart Your Summer Reading…Nola Fran Evie is 99 cents!

  1. Great review for a great summer read! I love how your characters always have such style and spunk while you bring us right to a time and place. Now I’m feeling nostalgic for a hot summer day of baseball.

  2. Yes! Just in time for summer and baseball!

    My summer is turning out to be more about writing than reading! I’ve got so many stories on the burner, I’m feeling like a short order cook. But I guess that’s a good thing. I do have quite a bit of travel time with two conferences also on the agenda, so maybe I’ll get some reading done then. What have you got cookin’ now?

    1. Awesome for you, honey! I’ll probably do the reverse, so I can catch up on some reading.

      I’m working on a dystopian/fantasy novel currently. Stepping out of my comfort zone, which is always a good thing. Plus, I don’t have to worry about that pesky historical fiction research! 🙂

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