cat yoga

Cat Yogi

One night last week I decided to treat myself to a Yin class. Usually I go for Vinyasa, because I adore the active flowing movement of this practice.

But, I’m also a firm Yin believer—especially with go, go, go people like yours truly.

I’ve been incorporating Yin into my practice for the past three years. I stumbled upon it accidentally, since I had a teacher that specialized in that particular style.

I remember the first class I took was so different from anything else I tried. In fact, I was confused.

Because though it looked like we weren’t doing much, it was one of the most difficult classes I have ever taken.

Mentally and physically Yin is ridiculously challenging. The poses are usually held for five minutes and rather than fighting the emotion and the body, you have to surrender.

For you Type A people like me, surrendering is just something we don’t do. Which is why I love Yin. It is a true test of what I am capable of, when I explore this unfamiliar stillness.

Well, there’s someone else that loves Yin in this house. Someone that looks a lot like a stuffed animal.

For any Yogi with pets out there, you understand the struggle with having a regular home practice.

When you’re on the floor, you’re fair game. You will be licked, mounted, and humiliated.

Aphrodite the cat usually gets kicked off my Yoga mat once sun salutations are in full swing, but she always comes back at the end of class and we do Savasana together. (It’s her favorite pose.)

So, when I took an advanced Yin class the other night—meaning seven minute holds instead of five—she took the entire class with me.

No, she wasn’t stretching next to me. She was on me.

I realize that grabbing an iPhone to snap pix and take videos during any Yoga class is taboo. But I needed to show proof to the world that humans aren’t the only ones that like Yoga.

Cats like it too.

I know, I know. We’re the cutest.

To tell you the truth, even though I’m usually irritated with my cat for “disrupting” my Yoga class, the other night I was fascinated with our time together.

She moved with me, from pose to pose, because I let her be. It’s an interesting concept—to let things be and see what happens.

(Some of you have seen this video already on social, but in case you missed it, here we are in Pigeon Pose together. Being awesome.)

33 thoughts on “Cat Yogi

  1. Pets are too funny. I don’t do yoga, but I often stretch out on the floor when I’m watching movies. My cat will cuddle with me, and my dog will get right up next to me. It’s like you’ve entered their domain by being on the floor, and they’re welcoming you into it.

    You and Aphrodite are the cutest!

    1. They love it when we’re on the floor, don’t they? Hey, it makes sense…that’s their space, so it’s nice for the humans to come down to them and hang out. 🙂

  2. Haha, yes I’ve seen your video on facebook. Same here. First frustration but soon enough they crack me up.
    Wow, never heard about Yin but that sounds like a mind struggle class for me, but if it’s ridiculously challenging I might just need that 😀

    1. I don’t allow Aphro the cat on my mat when I’m going crazy with a Vinyasa class, because it gets too dangerous. She honestly doesn’t care, but I don’t want to jump back into Chatturunga and knock her in pink nose.

      Karin doll, you would LOVE Yin. Try it some time. There are different levels just like anything else, so a beginner class would not hold the postures as long. As I said to a few others, this is more restorative than heated, but the depth of the poses is a workout in itself for the body and mind.

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