Last Chance…Grab Beneath the Satin Gloves Absolutely FREE!

Phew! Let me catch my breath here after the craziness that has transpired over the last few days.

The Amazon freebie for the rerelease of my first book, Beneath the Satin Gloves, has been a smashing success.

And, like a proud kid with pigtails and pink polka dot ribbons showing off a good report card, I have to share this…

Amazon Bestsellers #6
Yep, that’s little indie author me, chilling at #6 on the bottom right there on Amazon’s Bestseller list in the Espionage Thriller category. Otherwise known as…shit yeah!

This would not have been possible without the incredible support I received from you all. Sharing and retweets were happening so much, I couldn’t keep up with thanking you all.

So, a huge THANK YOU to you guys. Your generosity is overwhelmingly lovely.

If you haven’t snatched up Beneath the Satin Gloves yet, have no fear! The freebie promo is running until tomorrow 3/1 (midnight PST).



Beneath the Satin Gloves Review

10 thoughts on “Last Chance…Grab Beneath the Satin Gloves Absolutely FREE!

    1. Aw, you’re such a doll. Thank you! Yes, it was pretty neat to see. I had to get a screenshot to save forever.

      Haha! Taking a break from working on novels this month, so I can reset. 🙂

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